Beautiful Savior by Planetshakers

Beautiful Savior by Planetshakers

Hey everyone.. This time Hamanasha did a cover of our most favourite worship song from Planetshakers. We often sing this song in our local church service and we realize that we have to record our version of this song. Our version is not very different than the original but we also took this moment to worship the name of God because He is a wonderful and beautiful Savior!

All Things New by Hillsong

All Things New by Hillsong

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We truly hope that in this year, you will have blessed and joyful days along the year. As for us, we're hoping that you will always enjoy our cover as well as all of our content in modernjamming.com. Always feel free to leave us some message from our contact page and drop us some feedback there 😊

The First Noel

The First Noel

Christmas is already knocking our front door. That's why we created a Christmas song cover for you guys, The First Noel. Our rendition was inspired by Darlene's version, so you might seems familiar with the chord modulation and such. Anyway, we hope you enjoy the cover and we wish you have a joyful month :)

Mourning into Dancing by Ron Kenoly

We're arriving at the last month of the year. All those hardships that we've been through will be left behind as the year passed. Now for accompanying you guys leaving 2014 behind, we covered a song taken from Psalms 30, Mourning into Dancing. A song that was originally sung by Ron Kenoly has blessed us during the hardships and we hope that this song can be a blessing for you guys too!

Anyway if you have any song you want us to cover, please feel free to contact and drop us your favorite song there :) Thanks!

Misty by Ella Fitzgerald

Hey guys, we're finally able to create another track after a few weeks. In this song, we were also using our new guitar ( check if you notice the differences ;) ). Hopefully we can have more good times ahead with this new guitar. Anyway, this time we did our favourite song that sung by our favourite singer who had a magical voice, Ella Fitzgerald. Honestly this song is quite difficult for us to work on. Finally, we put our best effort for the song and please don't mind the flaw especially the low notes that we barely hit (Natasha appologies T_T). We hope you enjoy the song!

With Everything by Hillsong

Hi M-Jammers! If we talked about the greatest worship songs, first that comes to our minds was Hillsong's songs. Almost every church in this world have sung any Hillsong's song at least once. This time we covered one of the most powerful worship song by Hillsong. It's from 2008 album, This Is Our God, With Everything. Let's bring our worship to Our King!

You are My Strength (Hamanasha English Cover of Kau Kekuatanku)

It's another fabulous week and we thanked God for His grace for both of us. This time we were doing translation of one famous worship song in Indonesia that is called Kau Kekuatanku. We did a collaboration with our dear pianist, Ester Song, here it is, our version of Kau Kekuatanku, You are My Strength by Hamanasha. We do hope that this song could be a blessing for all of you.



God I come to your embrace

You accept me with your grace

And you set my soul ablaze


Not depend on my own strength

I've trusted you with all my heart

Cause you're worthy

Cause you're mighty


Lord You are my strength

You're my comforter

Your promises have never been failed

In every step

I will surrender all

Giving my life as an offering

To you


You're with me, always here in times of need

You remain, You are faithfull all the time

All the time

Fly Me to the Moon

After a couple of busy weeks, Hamanasha is back again with our favorite music, Jazz. This time, we brought you an old song from King of Swing, Frank Sinatra's Fly Me to the Moon. We hope you enjoy this song, and if you have any song requests, leave us some feedbacks in our contact page.

You Make Me Brave by Bethel Music (Live Cover)

Hey guys, it's us with our guitars again. We're covering a beautiful song by Bethel Music that sung by a great singer Amanda Cook, You Make Me Brave. We're re-interpreting the song into our own acoustic version, and we hope this song can be a blessing to all of you :) Enjoy and please visit our website at www.modernjamming.com for more covers. Thank you