44: Can you get all the 44 keys? iOS Games Tips and Review

I always feel excited to play a challenging platform game. It makes me feel of my younger days when I play the best platform games ever, Super Mario Bros. Jump while avoiding obstacles, looking for secret room, screaming because you thought you've finally finished the game but you're not.

Unplug has just released their new game this week. It's called 44, a platform game that using tilt and tap to move and jump. The game is simple, you just have to tilt to move around, tap to jump, avoid all the spikes and moving "bad ball", and try to collect all 44 keys spread around every room that connected to each other like a maze.

Even though the control is simple and by just playing once you will seem to master the game, to complete the game is in another level of difficulty. To add more excitement in the game, each time you play, you only have one live. So if you have collected 30 keys and you touch the moving "bad ball", you'll die and have to re-collect all the key.

Things I Like

I like the design simplicity in this game. This game only involves not more than 5 colors. Despite only using a few colors, the design of the game still felt beautiful to me.

I also love the randomly generated text in each room. It feels like we've been watch during our game. That combines with the soundtrack that felt so dungeon-ish, creepy and dark.


I myself haven't finished the game and can only get 25 keys. My tips when playing the game is don't play with rush. Play slowly and use both of your hand to stabilize your phone. If you take this game patiently, the keys will come to you by itself (just kidding). Despite only get 25 keys, I have browsed all the rooms in this game and put it altogether for you guys. Hopefully this map can help you. Feel free to save this map and finish this game ASAP.

 The Complete Map of 44 Keys. Click the picture to see it enlarged.

The Complete Map of 44 Keys. Click the picture to see it enlarged.

44 Keys 4 Modern Jamming Aug 25, 2014