Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive - Mobile Racing Simplified iOS Games Review & Tips

Just few weeks after the launching of disappointment Asphalt Overdrive, another simplified racing games come into the industry. This time, it’s coming from publisher BulkyPix that has been known for publishing many five stars games including Bardbarian, Zombie Commando, Another World, and Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive.

Adrenaline Rush comes as simplified racing game where you don’t need to think about how to manage your gas pedal, etc but you just have to manage your direction. Playing as the driver in 70s (or 80s I think), you will be classic cars to drive throughout the city.

The road is divided into two sides, one side is where the cars are driving in the same direction as yours, the other side is where the cars are coming from other direction. Your objective is to avoid hitting any cars from either front face or the back of the car. On the other hand, you are allowed to hit other cars by driving them side by side and crash your car into them. This is called takedown in the game.

While driving and hitting some cars, there will also be some missions for you to attempt. Each mission will come in three tasks, and every time you've finished all three of them, you’ll get some coins and ranked up your level. Once you hit certain rank, you would be able to unlock a new car and purchase it using coins that you get from both racing and finishing missions.

 We will be racing using classic muscle cars with some upbeat BGM

We will be racing using classic muscle cars with some upbeat BGM

Things I Like

Like many other gamers out there, it always felt good to play a game without any internet connection requirement. Adrenaline Rush Miami Drive, despite the freemium game mechanics also doesn’t need any internet connection requirement. So you can play without any fear that your battery will be sucked up.

The other thing that makes this game interesting is that you don’t need any energy, stamina, fuel, whatever the other game has. You can just play the game until you think you have to stop playing and do some work.

 Missions were given to increase the variety of the game

Missions were given to increase the variety of the game

Tips and Tricks

Some tips that I found useful while playing:

  1. Prioritise on making the Coin Rush. Coin Rush is like an energy meter that can be filled with either doing a Takedown, a Golden Takedown, or doing a Near Miss. The easiest way is with doing a Takedown, but it won’t give that much. Golden Takedown is the best contributor of the coin rush. But doing this isn't easy at all since you have to drive in the opposite line, but once you master the timing, this wouldn't be that hard.
  2. Hit the car when side by side. If you feel that hitting car is always making you failed, try to delay your timing before hitting it. That’s because when you want to hit the car, you have to be side by side with the car, not behind them or in front of them.
  3. Finish missions. Doing missions is what the games actually all about. We can unlock a new car after we reach certain level. It also means that we have to finish sets of missions before we can unlock a new car.
  4. Upgrade Coins and Score Bonus. Both of this upgrade will increase your bonus coins and score. So you’ll be more efficient while playing the game.
 Do some golden takedown or near miss to get coin rush

Do some golden takedown or near miss to get coin rush


Adrenaline Rush can be counted as a casual racing game where the control is not difficult to master and you can play it anytime you want and as long as possible. While some hardcore racing gamers won’t find this game as their favourite, it can be a new one for some casual gamers.

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