Amazing Battle Creatures Breed, Collect, and Fight - iOS/Android Games Review & Tips

Monster collections game has always taken my attention since my first iOS monster collections game, Dragon Island. The ecosystem then kept evolving and serving lots of collection games. Amazing Battle Creatures is just one of this amazing monsters collection game in this ecosystem.

Amazing Battle Creatures is the latest installment of Glu Games games. It's coming from the same distributor that has distributed many amazing games like Frontline Commando, Eternity Warriors, and Contract Killer.

In this game, you'll be playing as creature trainers. You have been entrusted to train the creatures, collect them all, and become the best in the International Creature League.

The gameplay is simple. Just bring out your 4 best creatures, 3 for the first team, and 1 for substitution creature, then you just go defeat all the enemies in front of you. When you finish a map, you'll fight with the champions trainer and try to defeat them all.

Things I Like

I love the simplicity of this game. Despite not bringing a fresh idea in this genre, the game successfully keeps it easily played in short time while still delivering the purpose of the game, creatures collection.

There is also something unusual being offered in this game. While most of collection games only keep the elements as little as possible, the game offers many elements just like what a Pokemon calibre game would offer. Not just offering basic elements, the game also supports 9 elements. If we can combine at most two types of DNA, it means we have a total 72 cute creatures out of the game.

The cute design of the creatures also become the highlight in this game. To be honest, I become more interested in this game because of the cool/cute creatures.


Some tips that I've gathered during playing the game:

  1. Breed many creatures. Hatching egg is one of the feature in this game. To hatch an egg, you'll need to combine two DNA types. This feature is FREE for you, so make sure you always hatch some eggs when it's available. As time goes by and as you defeat more champions trainers, higher rank egg will be unlocked. Don't worry, the game will give you some preview of what the egg will become.
  2. Sell unused creature. Upon reaching higher rank, your lower rank creature will be replaced with higher rank creature and will become unusable. You can sell this unusable creatures to get some sparks.
  3. PVP. Another way to get sparks is to fight with other “human” trainer. The game will match you with a reasonable enemies depending on your win streak and also your rank. The higher your win streak is, the harder your enemies would be. The harder the enemies are, the better you get the reward.
  4. Use Boost Power. You can also use a boost power using the battle points (battle points are some sort of energy that required for PVP battle). With this power up, your creatures will have its power boosted. But again, this requires more battle points, so make sure you use this power up only if you think you couldn’t beat your enemies but you want to keep your win streak going.
  5. Train Creatures. It would be useless to gather sparks but not to optimize it. Use your sparks wisely to train your highest rank creature. Also train your other creatures but just until all the skills are unlocked (remember, you will get a higher rank creature and the old creature would be useless). In this way you can get the best of your creatures more effectively.
  6. Elements matter. Just like what most battle games, each creature will always hold strength and weakness to other creature type. Besides the basic Fire, Nature, Water elements, there are still lots of elements like Rock element, Dragon, Dark, and still many others. This would increase the variety of the game and elevates it in another level.
  7. Fight in old battles. If you think the story mode get a bit too difficult, play with the previous battle. This will be more efficient for your energy usage and also give you a decent reward.


Amazing Battle Creatures offers simplicity and variation at almost the same time. This game has a great balance, so I think that the system is not boring though it’s not a refreshment of the genre. If you love collecting cute creatures, you’ll definitely want to play this game. After all, it’s a FREE games.

Amazing Battle Creatures 4 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014