Angry Birds Transformers: Birds in Disguised as Robots in Disguise - iOS Games Review & Tips

There are nobody who play with their mobile phone that doesn’t know Angry Birds. It’s the most famous game in mobile phone that has more than 10 franchises including collaboration with Disney, bringing out Angry Birds Star Wars.

While the game is famous for its physics catapult gameplay, it’s not the first time an Angry Bird game using a different gameplay. Rovio in facts has been doing a different gameplay with the franchise such as Epic, GO!, and Stella. And in this latest franchise, Rovio has teamed up with guys from Hasbro to create Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers took a story in Piggy Island where the “eggspark” are hitting the birds and piggies, transforming them into Autobirds and Deceptihogs. Attacked by some eggbots, both of them decide to work together fighting against the eggbots that’s attacking earth. I rarely put a video on my post, but this video tells everything behind the story.

Compared to the other famous Angry Birds franchise, the gameplay in this game is quite a refreshment. First, we play as the Optimus Prime, who is trying to eliminate the eggbots by shooting the base they stand while running sideward. We will be running from one point to another trying to shoot building to building.

Each time we defeat eggbots we will get coins. The eggbots that we defeated will be used to unlock another Angry Bird Transformers characters. The coins will be used to upgrade the characters. Every characters have their own unique skills that you will unlock after you upgrade the characters into certain levels.

We can call out partners to help us fighting the eggbots

We can call out partners to help us fighting the eggbots

Things I Like

Like many other Rovio’s kind of games, the details in Angry Birds Transformers also taken with care. Like the shooting part, it’s not just merely shooting, but you’ll have to find the weakest part of the building in order to smash the building down. So instead you just shooting aimlessly, you need to be precise on your target.

When you running and attacking the eggbots, you can ask another player to help you. When you call them, your partner will create some sort of shock wave that will destroy the opponent. But that’s not what I like from this feature. After you finish the level, you’ll be asked if you want to thank your partner or not.

If you thank them, it will show something that very funny. If your partner comes from the same sector with you (same autobots or same decepticons), they will receive your high five and they will act like your friends. But if it is from another sector (you are autobot but your partner is a decepticon), they will tease you and your character will get angry and throw them away.

I also love how each of the characters have their own unique way to take down the enemies. For example, Prime will using a single laser, while Heatwave will be shooting like a wave that has longer cooldown compared to Prime. The levels for each character are also prepared differently one and another so that they can utilize their specialty well.

The appearance of the robots also will be improved in line with the levels of the robots. The higher the level, the more skills they unlock and the cooler their appearances would be.

This is one of my favorite scene, when you decide to thank your partners or not

This is one of my favorite scene, when you decide to thank your partners or not

Tips and Tricks

Some tricks that I can find to get more coins in playing the game:

  1. Always hit the weakest part of the building. The base will always have some weak spots that can be hit to take down multiple enemies at once.
  2. Shoot any TNT spotted. TNT will blow all the buildings beside it. It will also create some domino effect that can be very useful. So shoot this every time you see it.
  3. Prioritize shooting eggbots that can shoot you back. This is important since you have limited health. So unless there’s no flying eggbots, always prioritize the bots that can shot you back.
  4. Flying eggbots are annoying. Yes they are, but they are easier to be killed, so before they shoot you, shoot them first.
  5. Watch out for Rudals. In later of the game, there will be some missiles being thrown at you. These missiles will be harder to be targeted, so target them when they are coming towards you. Just left them when they're just flying around. Failing to do so will immobilize you.
  6. Call partner at the right time. Make sure you call them when you got many eggbots across your line. This will create some shockwaves and damage/destroy them.
  7. You can always recall your partner. After the time runs out, your partner will be going, but after the cool-down finish, you can always call them back to help you. But remember, use it when the enemies is too many for you to handle.
  8. Watch the Video. After you finish the level, you will be offered to watch some videos to multiply your result. Take this offer to get twice of your results. However this offer only last for some times per day. So make sure you only use this offer when you get a good result. In this way you can even get more eggbots and coins.
  9. Boost Buddy. By watching video before the game, you’ll be able to increase the timer of your partner. This will be quite helpful during finishing the level.
  10. Claim achievement. Don’t forget to claim some achievements as it will give you some gems for premium items.
  11. Recharge/Upgrade upon low health. Lower health would make the game harder for you. And if you runs out of health during the level, you’ll lose all your eggbots and will only get coins. Upgrading your characters will recharge the health, but if the upgrade cost is too expensive, you can just recharge the health by paying some coins.
Beware of the brown boxes, it will give you some free gems

Beware of the brown boxes, it will give you some free gems


Angry Birds Transformers is a new take with fresh gameplay from the Rovio. It has so many details and funny approach inside the game. You won’t be easily get bored as the game will always keep balance according to the robots that you will use. In the end, all the transformers fans should be excited to play with this game, and all Angry Birds fan will be spending more time to play with their favorite characters.

Angry Birds Transformers 4.5 Modern Jamming Oct 20, 2014