Asdivine Hearts: 20+ Hours of Fun JRPG - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

This is a guest post by a colleague of mine that really loves RPG games. He can stays all night just for finishing a side mission, or just circling around the map just for leveling up the characters. Andy here will do the review of Kemco's latest games, Asdivine Hearts.

Asdivine Hearts is a role playing games in iOS where we play as Zack and his childhood friends, Stella. The story begins when both childhood friends tasked to return someone else's cat. But during their trip, they encountered Light Deity that lost its power and physical body. Lumiere, the Light Deity tried to possess Zack, but instead of Zack, Lumiere possessed the injured cat.

The story then revolves around Shadow Deity's attempt to replace the current dimension (Asdivine) with Shadow Deity's own dimension (Rivierre). In Rivierre, Shadow Deity is worshipped as Great Deity, making Shadow Deity way more powerful compared with Asdivine. Zack, Stella, and Felix (the wild cat possessed by sort of god's power) will be joined later on with two more party members, mysterious girl named Uriel, and high priestess called Celine. With this five people party, together they will be fighting to avoid Asdivine annihilation.

 The story revolves around the deities, explaining the conflict between the Light and Shadow

The story revolves around the deities, explaining the conflict between the Light and Shadow

Asdivine Hearts fully utilize one-hand system. It means you can play the whole game using just one hand while still doing your work. It also have D-Pad option for movement in case you want to get old fashion feeling back.

The battle mechanic in Asdivine is using a 3x3 grid system. With this mechanic when fighting the enemies, we have to finish the monster in front before we can hit the rear enemies with physical damage. This particular requirement will be ignored when you're dealing magic damage.

Not only the enemies got the advantage from this grid system. You will be able to set formation for you party. Formation can be set either manually or by finding a recipe toward that formation. If you're using recipe for your formation, your party will get stat boost for each character. Recipe can be found during your journey, from the treasure chest.

 Formation will give you boost to your party's stat

Formation will give you boost to your party's stat

Things I Like

The heart of this game, beside its mechanic is the story. They have compiled a really great story, not only for one character but all the characters inside the game. Felix as the Light Deity (the god in this game) was delivering a great humorous act, dealing a funny line. It also have some twist inside in the later of the game that should you pay attention in the story, you'll get the twist of it.

The skill naming for each characters is pretty funny. Let's take Uriel for example. One of her skill is called This is Goodbye Forever and it will deal quite a huge damage with her stabbing all the enemies in front of her. Or maybe Stella, she has one skill called Enough is Enough where she will deal damage to a single monster but occasionally paralyze its target.

Like what any RPG should have, every character has their own weapon, armor, and stats. But what makes Asdivine Hearts more interesting is that they have this so called Rubix. Rubix is a tool that enables character to have some battle with the monsters. It also acts like a container that can be fitted with jewels.

 Jewel took a shape of tetris pieces and you have to roll it so that it will fit inside the rubix

Jewel took a shape of tetris pieces and you have to roll it so that it will fit inside the rubix

There are lots of jewels that can be obtained throughout the game. Monsters you encountered will have chance to drop jewels, also treasure chest can give you a rare jewel as well. Each jewel will give the character some sort of stat boost. So while this jewel took a shape of Tetris, you need to rotate this around in order to put as many jewel as you can in the rubix.

My favorite part is the length of this game. I have spent 20+ hours of playing this RPG. For a premium game that cost you less than 10 bucks, 20+ hours is quite a generous amount of time. Compared to most premium games in iOS and Android ecosystem, Asdivine Hearts offers you a generous playing experience.

 Be smart and choose the right attack or magic skills

Be smart and choose the right attack or magic skills

Tips and Tricks

I've had a heap of fun playing this game. If you stuck at certain point please do come to me so that I can provide you with some tips from it. I didn't put any walkthrough here since the game is quite straightforward. The game won't put you around in confusion. So I'll put some tips and tricks to increase your playing experience more. Hopefully, one or two of my tips here will help you.

  • Combine Jewel. Each jewel will give your character a stat boost. But when you combine your jewel, it will become a different shape of jewel and it will increase the stat boost. Even more, when you combine rare jewel, you'll get an even better jewel that boost not only stat but experience as well. (Check out my screenshot below).
  • It's not the end. When one of your character dies, it will be revived again after the battle over. But well, your character health will be reduced to 1 and all your skill gauge is gone. So you might want to rest in the Inn or use potion to refill the health bar again.
  • Do Guild Mission. There's one place in Gutenberg City (it has purple roof with two doors) that will offer you some missions. This mission will reward you some guild coins. In the same place, there will also be a maid where you can buy many powerful items in trade of the guild coins. Do some mission that you can think easiest to get the guild coins as fast as possible. Should I remind you that more mission will be available as you encounter a new enemy. Once you meet one, that mission will be available.
  • Dungeon Explorer. When doing mission, most likely you'll be encountering two kind of maps. One that looks like a forest where all the road are straightforward and the other one looks like a dungeon where you'll be facing with walls and walls. To distinguish which one is which, just walk around and if you find a treasure chest that inaccessible by just walking, it means you'll have to find the crack in the wall. Once you find it, just walk through it and you'll be getting your reward at the end of the road.
  • Use Attack Up on Zack or Celine. Boss is sucks, I can't count how many times I have to re-load the game to fight against a boss. That's when I figure out that the best hitter in this game is Zack and Celine, it has the best physical damage. So to beat the boss, you better use Attack Up on Zack or Celine to deal greater damage.
  • Stella has the best Trust Gauge. All the Trust Gauge are awesome and I can't help but tempted to try them all. But for me, the best Trust Gauge is Stella. Because beside heal all characters to maximum HP, it also removes negative buff, not only that, it also buff all stat into 2 ranks!
 The more rare you get, the more possibility will be opened

The more rare you get, the more possibility will be opened


Asdivine Hearts is a great RPG in mobile. It's easy to play, doesn't eat up your battery too much, has a great story, also has tons of features that enrich your gaming experience. If you were thinking about purchasing any RPG, I'd suggest you take Asdivine Hearts into a serious consideration. The game is not too expensive yet delivering a great content and hours of fun experience.

Asdivine Hearts 5 Modern Jamming Nov 28, 2014