Braveland Wizard: Turn-based Strategy that Fits Your Pocket - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Anyone that called themselves a fan of turn-based strategy would never miss one game called Heroes: Might and Magic. It’s one of classic games that actually defines any good or bad turn-based strategy games. But that dignity can only be proud of outside mobile games. Their own mobile game spins off was not even counted as a turn-based strategy games. Even more, the control was awful and not mobile-friendly at all.

This is what Tortuga Team saw as an opportunity, and they wanted to provide their own solution for this matter. Braveland is what they’ve tried to provide as a solution, and released in the same year is their second book called Braveland Wizard.

The story in this second book was different from the first one. If the first book was about mighty warrior that want to take revenge on his village, this second book is about wizard. A female wizard that has just finished her study only to find out that the world is in chaos and need some trimming. So she start up her journey along with her companions to solve world problems and restore the balance in the world. Also she needs to be graduated to become official wizard.

The game system itself was taking some inspiration from the original Heroes: Might and Magic series. In Braveland Wizard, and like the previous book was, you will be exploring the map. Along the exploration, a little bit similar to Heroes: M&M, you will be encountering some power ups, new companions, and merchant that will sell you some items. Enemies will also appear to continue the story or to block you from quite a generous reward. Beat those enemies and you will continue your story or gain some rewards.

Map in Braveland Wizard. Story will continue as you explore the maps.

Map in Braveland Wizard. Story will continue as you explore the maps.

Battle system takes hexagonal pieces as the basis. You will have your squad ready to battle for you. Archer, Wizard Apprentice, Mage, and even Treant are ready to battle for you. You will also have some magic spells to use. So expect some strategic war with extra fireball and ice arrows along.

Your heroes (the female wizard) will have three cards. The first one is the character card where you will be able to equip your hero with items that can boost up your squad damage and stats. The second one is the squad card. In this card, you will be organising your squad characters, you can just reorder the lineup. The last card is the skill tree card. This is the new feature that introduce in the Braveland Wizard.

Every time you level up your character, you will be opening extra slots for your squad. Also you will get three talent points that you can spend in the skill tree. This skill tree will give some effect to your squads as well as your magic spells.

Not all characters are allowed to be brought. Choose wisely which you want and which you don't

Not all characters are allowed to be brought. Choose wisely which you want and which you don't

Things I Like

Braveland Wizard are not exclusively available in mobile, it also available on Steam for PC/Mac/Linux users. But despite that fact, the port for mobile platform felt good. I didn’t have any complaint whatsoever regarding playing experience in my phone. Everything went smoothly and the control felt responsive.

I’ve played the first book and I’m quite surprised seeing that details were taken into care by Tortuga Team. Some characters that used to befriend with the hero are now enemies. Sprites reusability are used cleverly by the developer. They logically developing a story that makes sense to old player, so that the game felt reasonable although it used old sprites.

Skill Trees and Magic Spells are well welcomed. These two combinations are well implemented in the game. It’s not too much but well calculated so that the game didn’t feel out of balance.

I also love the replenish system after the battle over. Every time you do some battle, the chance are high that you will lost some of your squads. But the developer were kind enough to replenish your squad by deducting your coins reward.

Braveland will automatically replenish your character that defeated in the battle.

Braveland will automatically replenish your character that defeated in the battle.

Tips and Tricks

I’ve finished the game with Normal difficulty, but I still think that some of you may stuck a little bit in advancing forward the stories even in Casual difficulty. So for those of you that stuck, here are some of my playing tips.

  • Play in dungeon. Coins are quite important in this games. Not only for purchasing items, strengthen your squad also need coins. To gather some amount of coins, you can try to battle enemies either in Dungeon or Arena. They will always available for you to beat. So go for them in you short on coins.
  • Know your enemies. Until this moment, I only encounter three types of enemies. The one with green sword icon, yellow, and red. As far as I’m concern, every time I did battle the red, the enemy will outdo me. And every time I did battle with the green one, it’s always an easy win. So my suggestion, if you’re going to war, don’t do with the red one. Try the yellow or green first.
  • Visit every ‘?’ point. Like many other games, ? always means something. This games also do the same, make sure you visit every ? in the game. They won’t do you any harm, they just want to give you something. It will be a merchant that selling items, or squad post that allows you to strengthen your squad. It might also be some power-up post that increasing your hero stats.
  • Strengthen your squad. If you can’t find any green or yellow sword icon, perhaps the problem is in your squad. You need to go to the squad post and fully stock your squad until it sold out. Make sure you always do this and your enemies will bow down before you.
  • Purchase every items. During your adventure, there are some merchants that will offer you some items that can be bought with coins. Make sure you buy all this stuffs. It will come in handy during battle. Just buy it and don’t forget to equip it. If it’s a spell then it will be attached in your book spell.
Unfortunately, you can't reset your talent choice, so choose wisely!

Unfortunately, you can't reset your talent choice, so choose wisely!


I’ve had a pleasure experience while playing this game. Braveland Wizard is not too long, it will only take several hours (less than 10 hours) to finish the whole game. But despite the short amount of time needed, it finishes the story just where it should’ve been ended. The game pretty straightforward and it would be a pleasure experience for any turn-based strategy fan out there. Most of all, it fits in your pocket!

Braveland Wizard 5 Modern Jamming Dec 08, 2014