Cars: Fast as Lightning - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Who doesn’t know Lightning McQueen and Mater? Both of them are the most iconic car characters from Disney’s Cars. If you have seen the movie (you should watch it if you haven’t, it’s a good movie), Cars is one of those movies for kids where even adult like me can enjoy.

While this Cars theme is not something new in iOS and Android world, the previous hasn’t been compelling enough. Book and physique based game wasn’t enough for me to buy or download it. So when Disney together with Gameloft once again put another game called Cars: Fast as Lightning, I’m all psyched up after seeing the screenshot.

Cars: Fast as Lightning is what we call social simulation racing game. We all trying to rebuild Radiator Spring (you don’t know this, you should probably watch the movie first :)), get all the iconic building like Luigi’s Tire shop Cassa Della, Flo’s V8 Cafe or even the Court Building. We also been tasked to unlock all the iconic Cars characters.

Rebuilding the Radiator Spring is not free (obviously). So in order to get some cash, you need to fulfill the quests given by Mater and McQueen. The tasks were there to help you advancing the game step by step.

What makes Cars: Fast as Lightning appealing to adults like me? It’s because in this game, we're not only rebuilding the Radiator Spring. We also do some race with the other iconic cars from the movies.

There are chapters where in each of them, we will be playing as the iconic character like Luigi, Doc, Francesco, and even Lightning McQueen. We will be unlocking this character and use it to race against other Cars characters. Once we’ve defeated all of the other cars in that chapters, we will be advancing to the next chapters. The car that we used in that chapter will be unlocked and shows up in the Radiator Spring.

We have to rebuild Radiator Spring with all the freemium stuff we all know

We have to rebuild Radiator Spring with all the freemium stuff we all know

Things I Like

Being able to play as the Lightning McQueen has already been a fun thing for me. But playing as other Cars characters is even more fascinating to me. With the original voice from the movies, the game feels even more like we’ve been a part of the movie.

I also love how the racing system is being simplified. In each chapters, the track that we will race is specific to that Cars characters. So we will have different tracks (will get even more difficult as the game advancing) and some more advanced trick roads.

By saying the racing system has been simplified, I mean it’s totally simplified. Inside the race, we’re not actually driving the car. We rather just press the gas pedal and do some swipe movement to do tricks.

By simplifying the driving system, the game is moving faster and we can play in a shorter time. Another great thing about this is that you can let your kids (or maybe some kids around you) play this and not losing at all (well make sure the opponent level is not hard though).

At last, the game doesn’t require you to rely on internet connection to play this game. It does need internet to download the content, but afterwards, you’re freed from the need of it.

We will be able to create racing track for each characters that we've unlocked

We will be able to create racing track for each characters that we've unlocked

Tips and Tricks

I have some tips for those of you that facing difficulties winning against the other cars.

  1. Press the Gas after Green Light. Don’t press the Gas pedal before the GO text shows up. Even more, you count yourself and only press the Gas pedal at the same moment with the GO text shows up. Your car will get a short boost and lead the race with this trick.
  2. Release before the curve, press on circle. Like what the tutorial told you already, before the turn, release your gas pedal to avoid crashing. Then press it on again exactly when the car is inside the circle. This way your car will get even more speed booster. Aim for PERFECT not only GREAT.
  3. Don’t make some trouble. The game will told you if your opponent is too hard for your current car to handle. Listen to them. Don’t fight the car if the level is higher than hard. Even hard level is quite difficult to win, you have to get almost all in PERFECT states to win against hard opponent. So don’t make more trouble.
  4. Upgrade Car. If the opponent difficulty is hard, upgrade your car in town. After you upgrade it, you will find the opponent easier to fight with.
  5. Do some events. Don’t ignore the event, Dinoco or Daily Event will give you quite generous coins. Just do what they say and you’ll get some coins.
  6. Don’t ignore Mater and McQueen. They were there to help you get some free coins, so don’t ignore them and do what they told you to do.
  7. Add some friends. Like many other freemium games, Cars also uses stamina (called with Fuel) to take participant in the race. While it has some limitations, adding friends will give you possibility to get this fuel so you can race more.
Don't forget to upgrade the car if you think the level is too hard

Don't forget to upgrade the car if you think the level is too hard


Cars: Fast as Lightning is all fun that you can expect from a franchise of a great movie. It offers you with great hours to spend with collecting iconic characters, do some simple racing, and rebuilding the famous Radiator Spring.

Cars: Fast as Lightning 4.5 Modern Jamming Oct 19, 2014