Castaway Paradise - Animal Crossing on iOS Games Review and Tips

This has been such a pleasure week for me. Especially because of the launch of this game, a life simulation game that has been greatly inspired with other life sim game such as The Sims, Harvest Moon, and especially 3DS Animal Crossing. Castaway Paradise launched this week and it can be counted as one of the top simulation game in this platform.

Castaway Paradise starts with us being stranded in an undeveloped island. The inhabitant there quickly told us that we’ve been given this island to take care of. There we are set our journey to make the island become our own paradise.

In Castaway Paradise, you can fishing and collect your catch or sell them in shop

In Castaway Paradise, you can fishing and collect your catch or sell them in shop

Things I Like

Castaway Paradise has so many details inside the game that only once you play and experience all the features, you can know the depth of the game. For example, just for the harvesting alone, it has more than 11 seeds (counting up as you gain level) where each seeds has different type of price and treatment. It also has flowers to be planted, or some fruit trees.

You can also doing some fishing and hunting bugs in this game (inspired by Animal Crossing), but unlike Animal Crossing, we can’t play together with other players. But still, the fun of sneaking around to catch some bug and collecting them are all there.

The endless quests given by the inhabitant are also very helpful for me to not doing and running endlessly. They give me reason to play and keep playing with some cute items reward.

Like many other life simulation, I get to decorate the house. But Castaway Paradise doesn’t stop there. Not just the house, I can decorate the whole island the way you want. Put the flower here, put the tree there, dig here, dig there, you decide it!

There are still other awesome features left in this game, but my favorite part is the stock feature. In this feature, I get three stocks that will vary based on time. Later after the stock price rises, sell it and gain some coins. It adds even more fun in the game.

Play stocks and gain some coins with it

Play stocks and gain some coins with it

Tips and Tricks

I have some playing tips to help you playing more effectively.

  1. Maximize Quest. You can only have maximum three quests at the same time. So make sure you always have three quests running to maximize your effectiveness in playing the game.
  2. Upgrade the watering can. Most of the quests are involving planting seeds, planting flowers, and planting trees. All of this type of quests are using the watering can. At first, your watering can will only able to watering the seeds 20 times. I'm telling you in the later game, this won't be enough. So upgrade your watering can while you can.
  3. Sell your unused items. Your bag is limited. In order to sell your unused items, you can always visit Polly in the outdoor and Samir or Marcel inside the Shop house for selling your unused items. Take note that the bag is limited only to different items. It means that if you have more than one apples in your bag, it still take one place in it.
  4. Buy only one tree seed. Tree always producing fruits and it can't be withered and not productive unless you cut the tree down. So if you want to plant trees, just take other tree fruit and plant using that fruit. You don't need to buy a seed unless you don't have the tree.
  5. Plant as much as you do before you level up. Level up will not only refill your tools durability/energy (you name it). It will also refresh all your countdown timer (plants, trees, and flowers timer). So make sure you plant seeds that you needed before you level up.
  6. Plan before Harvest. On seeds second evolution, you can already harvest it. But unlike the full evolution, it will only give you two yields instead of three. But comparing to the needs of the water, you might want to harvest some seed before it fully ripens.
  7. Used up all the energy before upgrading tools. When you upgrade the tools, the energy will be refilled just like when you level up. So make a wise decision before you decide to upgrade the tools.
  8. Stock maximum only 20x. Playing with the stocks is one way of getting coins. But you can only buy maximum 20 stocks and you can only buy once until you sell it. So make sure you always buy 20 stocks to maximize your profits.
  9. Save at the Bank. To make the use of your unused money, try to keep your money at the bank, they will give you some interest. You can find it inside the Town Hall beside the Stock agent.
  10. Speed up maximum only 40. Every time you complete the quests, there're some characters that will give you speed up boost. This boost however, only have 40 boosts capacity. So before you reach 40, use it first (use it for seeds, plants, whatever you want).
  11. Stack item in your house. When decorating the house, there are some items that stack with each other. This items are usually flower vase combined with a coffee table. But do this in order to save up some space for your other items.
  12. Use magnifying glass. You can use this feature to look the position of other characters in the map. You can also use this to search for some fishes and bugs. For fishes, you can search the black fish shaped shadow in the water, and for bugs you can look for small things that moving quite fast.
  13. Buy the Duster tool. Your house will be having a dirty web at first. To clean it, you can buy a duster tool in the catalogue. It will cost you 5 golds. So make sure you left some gold for purchasing this duster tool.
Use magnifying glass to get the position of the inhabitants as well as the bug and fish position

Use magnifying glass to get the position of the inhabitants as well as the bug and fish position

I also collect some information about the seeds, how much water you need per evolving and how much coins it will reward you with.

  • Tomato 7x (1st) 7x (2nd) 7x (3rd) 20
  • Corn 1x (1st) 1x (2nd) 1x (3rd) 10
  • Carrot 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 2x (3rd) 500
  • Lavender 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 100
  • Artichoke 1x (1st) 4x (2nd) 90
  • Pumpkin 2x (1st) 2x (2nd) 30
  • Cabbage 4x (1st) 5x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 100
  • Broccoli 1x (1st) 2x (2nd) 2x (3rd) 180
  • Leek 4x (1st) 2x (2nd) 650
  • Eggplant 1x (1st) 1x (2nd) 300
  • Chili pepper 2x (1st) after using 3 chili peppers it will be merged into one chili 1x 200
  • Cauliflower 3x (1st) 3x (2nd) 3x (3rd) 250

I also collect the name that I can found in the game. I did this because sometimes the quest are asking you to deliver the item to some characters. You'll have to run around the island to find these characters, so hopefully you will find my list useful.

Name list

  • Outside: Viktoria, Francis, Amelia, Gustave, Polly, Angus
  • Town hall: Sandy, Ramona, Gordon
  • Shop: Samir, Marcel, Hannibal
  • Museum: Harold
Decide on which plant need to be harvested now or wait until it fully evolved.

Decide on which plant need to be harvested now or wait until it fully evolved.


Castaway Paradise is a Life Simulation game that you can imagine (minus the need of eating, sleeping and bladder needs). It thinks everything about a life in an island. If you think you might love a simulation game, you definitely got to download the game.

Castaway Paradise 5 Modern Jamming Oct 19, 2014