Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse - Walt Disney Platformer iOS/Android Games Review and Tips

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse? It’s the legendary mouse created by the legend Walt Disney. Well, if you know someone that doesn’t know Mickey Mouse, shame on them! So anyway, this time, I’m playing a game that is remastered from the hit 1990’s Sega Genesis game, Castle of Illusion.

Talking about the game itself, Castle of Illusion has been remade for several times. It even get a remake for the high-end console at September 2013 and November 2013 ported in iOS device.

This game is really simple, you are playing as the cute Mickey Mouse wanted to save Minnie Mouse that kidnapped by the ugly witch. Like many awesome platformer, you just run and jump around to get all the diamonds and finish the stage. At the same time, there would be enemies that you have to eliminate by throw projectiles or apples on them.

Things I like

The port version of this game works flawlessly, it really feels as if the game was designed to be played in touch devices. Even if the game is played in a touch device and a small screen such as iPhone, the touch is still giving an accurate direction and no particular problems really appeared when I played the game.

I really really love the music background in this game. The sound really suits each stage, for example when you play at the creepy, ghostly stage, the music plays in a bit creepy and mysterious theme. Then, while you play the game in a toy stage, the music changes into a more playful, happy sound. Not forget to mention about the cute original voice of Mickey Mouse that always remind you of old cartoon in our younger days.


Well like many platformer games, Castle of Illusion also has lots of secrets behind the game. So I tried to gather its walkthrough video from YouTube that capture the gameplay throughout the games, including the particular places where you can get all the diamonds, hidden statues and cards inside the game.

NOTE: The video is Mickey's version in a XBox 360, but fear not, the iOS version has the same gameplay with the console, so you won’t find any differences other than the graphic quality. All credits to packattack04082 for creating a YouTube channel for helping me finished the game.

Intro & Enchanted Forest Act 1

Enchanted Forest – Act 2 & 3

Tip: Projectiles can also be thrown while ducking and jumping.

Toyland – Act 1

Tip: Collect Diamonds to unlock new rooms and special portraits in the castle.

Toyland – Act 2 & 3

Hint: Time Attack mode is available once a level has been completed. Collect the Stopwatch at the beginning of the level to start the timer.

Tip: Collect both Statue Pieces in a world to unlock a master of illusion statue and biography in the castle.

The Storm – Act 1

The Storm – Act 2 & 3

The Library – Act 1

The Library – Act 2 & 3

The Castle – Act 1

The Castle – Act 2

The Castle – Act 3

Mizrabel’s Tower & Ending

So that's it. All the 800 diamonds available and the secrets. I found this game was so hard to be played without seeing the walkthrough. Hopefully you'll find the game much more easier after you play while watching the video. Enjoy!


Castle of Illusion is a great platformer with console-quality graphics display. If you love platform game, this is a no brainer instant download for any of you. Enjoy the game!

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