Chain Chronicle: Freemium Japanese RPG, FUN! - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Japanese RPG has been well known for its game mechanic that always refreshed every time. Chain Chronicle from SEGA Networks together with gumi Asia Pte. Ltd., is not left behind. After only available in Japan since early last year, few days ago, Chain Chronicle finally available in the US, UK, Canada, and Australia (with additional territories to follow).

Chain Chronicle is what you may guess from any RPG games, but add that with characters collectable cards, and combine that also with line defense features. All this combination create unique experience in playing the game, especially when doing battle.

We start with a team of one Knight, one Cleric, one Warrior, and one Archer. As the game progress, our collection will grow bigger as well. There are 150 characters, consist of Knights, Wizards, Clerics, Archers and Soldiers out there spread with different skills and tales.

Chain Chronicle has many city that can be visited. It offers hours of gameplay that comparable against any premium RPG games can offer. The better part? You can play it all for FREE!

Choose your Line Defense Strategy, don't let any enemies passing through the last Line

Choose your Line Defense Strategy, don't let any enemies passing through the last Line

Things I Like

I like how the battle mechanic in this game. Line Defense with chibi cute graphics are really hard to ignore. The battle system itself is using 3x3 grid system where the characters are all standing inside that grid waiting for order. Chain Chronicle also comes with simple controls. You just need to drag your melee characters to the enemies in order to deal damage. As for range characters, you just swipe vertically inside the grid to order your character to shoot them up. The developer of this game called this feature, Tactical Real-Time Strategy Battles!

But if you’re too busy to play, you can enable the auto battle feature. This feature will automate the movement of the characters. So, they will attack the enemies on their own until the battle finished. The ugly part of this feature is that you will lose you control over the army partly. If they’re still attacking enemy, you won’t be able to order them doing something else.

Chain Chronicle also has huge characters list that can be recruited and play along in your army. You can recruit character using arcana coins for regular or prysma for premium character. Once you encounter a new character, a tale for that character will be unlocked and you can finish the story to get various rewards.

Chain Chronicle is like a love and hate story regarding the characters drawing. In a way, Japan’s Top Artists in anime, manga, and video game have been involved, so I don’t need to doubt the quality of the drawing. But for some parents, I don’t think this game will be suited enough for their little kids to play. The drawing style for me is a bit too adult for this matter.

Chain Chronicle can be really cute and adult at the same time

Chain Chronicle can be really cute and adult at the same time

Tips and Tricks

Like many freemium games, Chain Chronicle also offering IAP for their premium currency. For those of you who don’t want to pay but want to get best experience out of it, I have some tips that you want to use while playing.

  • Daily Quest. This daily quest requires lots of energy to play (10 AP), but once you finish them off, it will reward you with fortune ring that can be exchanged with rare item. Please note that daily quests are quests that listed in the bottom list of Event Town. Daily Quest can be separated into two types, Rookie and Intermediate. Quests that are not included in these two types are not daily quests. Finishing those other quests won’t give you any Fortune Ring.
  • War Sale Quest. The other quests listed are called War Sale. These quests usually expired longer than daily quest. If you complete this quest, you will get rare weapon card. This weapon card will increase your character weapon level. I personally wouldn’t recommend you doing this quest until you’ve finished the whole story or having extra energy left.
  • Character Quest. Doing character quest that reward you with prysma is what you should be doing in the mean time. You should be prioritising this rather than doing daily or war sale quest, as this will give you with premium currency once you complete it. Also make sure you do the character quest for all your main team. You can check the place for your character quest by going to team screen, press info on your character card, and look for the quest position.
  • Draw arcana cards as much as you can. This trick will help your army to level up faster. This also good to ease up the battle so you won’t have to waste your energy for doing old battle just to get some exp for your army.
  • Fulfil all battle requirement. If you can do battle in short time with no casualties (no one dies), and end the battle with special skill, you can get 100% bonus gold (2x the gold reward).
  • Using auto battle and speed up. You can always use auto battle and 2x speed to shorten time. But in the last wave, when only one enemy left, make sure you turn off the speed up feature. This is to increase your timing accuracy to finish the battle with special skill.
  • Know when to turn off the auto battle. Auto Battle can be useful, but at the same time when the enemies are pushing you, auto battle can be a massacre for you. This is because you’ll lose control over your characters and the enemy can be sneak behind your left out line and score a goal. So make sure when the enemy pass through, turn down your speed first, then turn off the auto battle. Thus, you can regain control over your army
Explore a huge world and enjoy hours of gameplay without any IAP needed

Explore a huge world and enjoy hours of gameplay without any IAP needed


Simply put, other than the “adult”-ish drawing that might not be suitable for certain age range, Chain Chronicle is a fantastic freemium JRPG. With a fresh battle system, generous story line, if it’s not because the energy limitation, you won’t be able to stop playing.