Champ Man 15: Square Enix Football Manager iOS Games Review and Tips

I really love football. I think most of us also love this one of the most played sports in the entire earth. While watching a football / soccer game itself is fascinating, the most exciting part for me is when I could gather all of the best soccer players on my version and put it together in my favorite team. That’s why football management simulation games has always been my favorite game ever.

Champ Man 15 is the latest football manager simulation from Square Enix. Designed in classic Championship Manager style, Champ Man 15 coming with latest 2014/15 season update. Champ Man 15 also gives you opportunity to manage over 400 clubs across 23 leagues.

As a manager, you will be facing situations just like Louis Van Gaal faced in Manchester United (lol, just kidding). In Champ Man 15, you will be able to set squad formations, tactics, do some player transfers, and still many more.

The game is coming as a free to play and you won’t be able to choose a big club like Real Madrid, Barcelona, or that kind of team. But you can still choose any of those famous clubs by getting a Coaching Badge for $0.99 or play until you get level 10 Manager.

To reach this level, you can choose a rather small unknown team and then help them to be the largest club in the game. After then, you can resign and change the club into your favorite team.

There are also two currencies used in this game, CM$ and Coaching Funds. CM$ is used for upgrading facilities and cheating some transfer funds and Coaching Funds is used for some coaches and drills. Those will be used to increase players' ability and proven to be a great way to win this games.

Things I Like

Well, to put Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, all together with Luis Suarez or Wayne Rooney is just a simple thing that you can achieve in this game. Conquer the whole world competition is an another thing that you can also achieve.

I love the commentary in this game, like when they shot and missed, the commentary would say, “What a shocking miss”. Some details like that add more experiences on the game feeling.

I also love the transfer system in the game in a way that if you’re a small team you will have to work extra harder to attract more famous players. Every detail in this game counts for something and that detail has made this game more enjoyable than ever.


There are some tips that I’d like to share in order to ease you guys in reaching Level 10 as a Manager.

  1. Look for Team with Rating 69. You will have to buy a Coaching Badge if you want to coach a team with rating higher than/equal to 70. So if you want to start, start with a team that close enough to those team. You can start with 69’s team.
  2. Loan. As your team won’t have enough money to start a transfer, you can take a loaned player from other team. On the player list, press advanced, then set the transfer status to Loan Listed, then sort the list by tapping once on the ability. There you will find some good player to start with.
  3. Free Agent. Also you can try some free agent players, but these players however will be eat your wage budget quite a bit. Same thing with the loan player, but this one set the contract status to free agent. Don’t forget to tap on the ability to sort the ability up.
  4. Formation 100% trained. Make sure that you choose your favorite formation and one that suits the players in your team. After then, make sure you use the coaching fund and make it to 100% trained. In this way the formation will be on its full potential and you will get a better results.
  5. Transfer List unused players. To make some transfer fund, just transfer list all your unused player, some club will just come and bid your players. But make sure you have at least 18 players in your team.
  6. Use Attack/Defense Coaching. This will cost you quite some Coaching Funds, but this will increase the ability of your players quite significant. Try to buy this upgrade as soon as you have enough coaching funds. Should you remember that this coaches will only remain with you for two seasons only.
  7. Draw on Away matches are okay. Well you know every away match is hard. So on this game, if you can win on away matches, it will be good. But, if the team is too strong to win, a draw will still considered okay.
  8. Don’t Lose. Try your best to not losing. If you’re in front of losing door, killing the app process will do the trick. This trick, however, won’t be working if the match is over. So make sure to kill your app before the match end.
  9. Youth Facilities. Upgrade youth facilities 2 months before the season end. This will consume your CM$, but a better youth facilities mean a great young player will come to your club and you can use it right away.
  10. Daily Login. For the last tips from me, make sure you open your Champ Man everyday as they will give you free CM$ and Coaching Funds every single day.


Champ Man 15 is another great football manager simulation for your mobile phone. Although it couldn't be compared to the detail of PC/Mac version, it still close enough to satisfy your thirst to unite Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in one team. So, play now and build up your team quickly!

Champ Man 15 4.5 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014