CivCrafter - Tips and Tricks on Gaining Resources on Android/iOS

Naquatic is a California-based developer behind the wheels of 'minecraft with guns' Guncrafter. This April, they're introducing their latest game addition to their library called CivCrafter.

CivCrafter is at first a clicker game, but later on, the game's getting bigger and evolving deeper it can't be called a clicker game at all. CivCrafter keeps evolving as you spend more time with it.

But anyway, I'm not going to explain to you about how the game works, what's the features on it, etc. You can read all of those things in this amazing review of CivCrafter.

You Think it's a Clicker Game, no it's not

As for me, I'd like to tell you guys about what I love from this game.Although at first CivCrafter is just a simple '3 items on the screen ready to be tapped', the game grows as you're advancing through the game. The closest evolution is from tapping the resources, now you're starting to think about growing population.

Then, as you continue playing with the game, you won't be tapping and clicking the screen anymore. The game now turns into a more complicated resource management strategy. You're start to think about building some troops to defend your villages. However, troops can't be build with just some basic resources and basic gatherers, so now you're start to build special buildings.

This where the game starts to get more interesting. That's because you can't just assigning some random number of villagers, you need to count the number of villagers that you will assign. Each resources are complementing each other; for example, to be able to mine some metal, you'll need more villagers to get some ore. Ore is available when your villagers mining some stones. Thus, you need to assign more villagers in mining than the villagers in metal convertion station.

I love how this complementation works toward each elements inside the game. It makes the game somehow complicated yet bitable enough with casual gamers. In fact, the way resources work like what I've explained just now is just some small parts of the game. There are still lots of dependencies with other element rather than just resourcing in CivCrafter.


How to Gain Resource

So that's how resourcing works in CivCrafter. To put in another words, is that you need to balance your villagers assignment. If your villagers assignment are off balance, before you know, you're going to run out of resources. Once it happens, you won't be able to build anything. The problem is that if you already have lots of resources, you won't be able to notice if you're off balance. My tips is to put your eyes in your resource bar, once a resource is decreasing, you should balancing your assignment right away.

If you think balancing resources is impossible in CivCrafter, fear not! For I have some tips on how to balance your villagers assignment.

The basic as what we all know is that CivCrafter has these three basic resources, Food, Wood, and Stone. Coming to get these three are the villagers or what CivCrafter called them, the Gatherers. About how the gatherers work and how to build them, I'll explain perhaps at another post in near future. For now, let's focus on this resourcing thing.

Food is needed to bring in the Gatherers. Wood is needed usually for building purpose, especially in increasing resources stock limitation. It also serves purpose for building homes, special buildings, barracks, and so on. Stone is also needed for building purpose, but unlike Wood, Stone isn't needed for stock stuffs, it used more in heavy works like building barracks, special building, high end mansion.

Then there are also the so-called special resources. These special resources are what I've said about 'complementing each other'. These special resources are not a 1-to-1 scale; meaning that you need to assign certain amount of gatherers in order to get these special resources. There are also Special Gatherers that's working to convert special resources into a more special resources (these resources also not 1-to-1 scale).

From basic resource to special resource, here are the list:

  • Foods > Skins > Leathers
  • Woods > Herbs
  • Stones > Ores > Metals
  • Piety

This Piety is different from other resources. To generate Piety, you need to build special building called Temples. Once you assign special gatherers on this building, Piety will be generated automatically.


Building Wonders is not Impossible

In the late game of CivCrafter, you can build the Wonders. This building is the most difficult and the most time consuming one to build. Also, it eats up almost all your resources when you build it. So, I've put up some tips in order for you to get your wonders up and ready without worrying about your resources.

First thing, you need to prepare at least 3380 unassigned villagers. Then you assign them as follow:

  • 30 wonder workers
  • 50 smiths (turn ore to metal) and 50 tanners (turn skins to leathers)
  • 250 clerics (generate piety)
  • 1500 loggers and 1500 miners

Once you've done this, your wonder will start building without you have to worry about your resources. If you only have few extra workers, you can use this list and count it up yourself. You need to have at least 112 workers. Lesser than that you probably shouldn't add any wonder worker and focus on gaining more population.

  • 1 wonder worker
  • 9 clerics
  • 2 smiths and tanners
  • 50 loggers and miners

I'd like to remind you again that once you start to build wonders, all your resources will be eaten up. So please ensure yourself that you have enough workers to be assigned into all these resources I've mentioned to you. Also don't forget to always do some upgrade, it will help you to get some resources. Joining some clan could also be a great boost to resource as it will give you 20% boost.

How About the Other Tips?

If you're reading this tips until this line, I'd like to show you my deepest gratitude for you. I hope that I can help you with other tips, so feel free to contact me anytime to ask about any other tips of CivCrafter and I will post it right away.