Cliffhanger Video Game in Rival Games's The Detail

First of all, if you're not an adventure game lover, you're not a point and click game fan, not a comic fan also. Don't like things around detective, crime, cliffhanger story, maybe you should stop reading this review. On the other hand, if you happen to love or fulfill any of the requirement I've said just now, bare with me, because the game that I'm about to tell you is pretty awesome.

Okay, if you're asking me, what kind of games that can be categorized as a point and click cliffhanger video game? A game can be categorized as a point and click game when that game use either mouse or finger touch to interact with object displayed in the screen. So if you're using d-pad or joystick, or whatever it's called, to directly move your character around, you're not playing a point and click. For example, Crash Bandicoot or Contra, those are not point and click games.


How about cliffhanger video game? Well, cliffhanger story is what most mystery story usually ends with. Writer of a cliffhanger story will always plotting something throughout the story, and when the story is closing to an end, they will usually give another shocking twist for that character. You can expect this kind of plot when you’re watching movie or tv series like Sherlock Holmes, Criminal Minds, or maybe The Wire.

So now that we're on the same page, we can freely talk about this genre. There are lots of great point and click adventure games. Most of them are classic adventure games. But, as time goes by, the adventure games also move into a more "friendly" environment, handheld device. How about the old classic adventure games? Well some of them are staying like what they are, some of them got their remastered version that optimized for today tech.


Finnish indie game developer, Rival Games, however, feels that this genre’s bar can still be raised even more. In order to fulfill that dream, they released their own point and click adventure game version called The Detail. The Detail combines point and click with interactive narrative graphic novel style. In The Detail, players will be facing options and another options to choose from. This decision will give different storyline and some different path. Imagine that a bad guy wants to hit your face, as a girl, do you want to parry his huge and hairy hand, or you choose to dodge his punch and blind his eyes? This kind of option in the mid game is what you can expect from the Detail.

Apart from the narrative graphic novel style, The Detail itselves is taking places in some crime-ridden city where both of the protagonist Reggie and Joe (that's what he want everybody to call him with) are needed to solve the mystery of murderers. Both of them will use the point and click to explore the crime scene, talk to some guys, or maybe just moving around the location. Check out their game trailer for gameplay experience.

I Love the Story, I Love the Dialog

Despite the sound effect that clearly doesn't satisfied me as a music junkie, the dialog is in another level. Every choices that we made will have various outcome and different ripple effect altogether. Although it doesn't change the storyline completely, it certainly gives some extra experience in the story.

Besides the character dialog, the storyboard in this game is what this game has their most point at. It shows that the story director clearly know how to make each box stands out. Moreover, it feels that the whole game was designed to make the story as their main star. Each frame was designed so that it elevates the dialog in-between the frame itself. The point and click adventure itself doesn't give that much of a fun experience, but at the point when things heating up and the game changes to a visual graphic novel mode, that's when the game shines the most.



The first episode of the Detail has a lot of promising feature that I hope can be improved in the next episode. I'm pretty sure that improvement won't be relating the storyboard and the visual graphic novel though. But anyway, for those who love games with deep great story, this first episode won't disappoint you. Point and Click Adventure fan also might find the graphic novel is fascinating. And of course, like many other crime adventure story, it's not fair if the story just finish like that, so you can expect some cliffhanger in the end of the game.

The Detail 4.5 Modern Jamming Feb 12, 2015