Day of the Viking - Blast Them Off iOS Game Review & Tips

On the sunny day, princess is taking a break time in her giant castle. But suddenly she screams so loud every troops in her castle including Gary are so surprised. As it turns out, the vikings are marching their way to attack her castles.

This is the story behind the latest games from Adult Swim Games. The same publisher that have published games like Castle Doombad, Super Monsters Ate My Condo, Amateur Surgeon 3, and many more amazing games. Developed by Vorax Studios as their first game, Day of the Viking is what you think of a castle defense should be.

In this game you will be trying to defend the castle from waves and waves of vikings. You will be equipped with one catapult and some archers, you also have a runner picking all the drop loots. During every level, you have three challenges to be finished. And at the end of the game, each successful challenge will reward you star. Inside the level, you will be facing vikings running toward you. You have to hit the vikings either with the catapult or tapping the viking to make the archers hit them.

Like what a catapult in an old castle would usually be used, the catapult in this game is also used to throw some rocks. But, it won't be only rocks involved in this game. You'll also throwing a sculptor, a cacti, an explosive barrel, other 7 projectiles, and a pig (nope, you read this right).

The problem is, you can't decide what your next projectiles would be, you can only throw them. This would be a nuisance when you get a useless projectile that won't be dealing any damage but only make the vikings more furious.

Anyway, all those creative catapults design won't mean anything if the vikings is too easy to be crushed. Rest assured though, the developers have created 80+ impressive levels that make you want to bite your own hands. This in-game trailer played by one of the vikings inside the game (called Sven) will help you understand what you'll be facing with (wait until the end of the trailer, you'll enjoy the hilarious twist of the gameplay trailer).

Things I Like

I love how awesome the design of each projectile. Every projectiles have their own unique way of usage. For example, the pig won't be able to hit the flying dragon riders. The pig will damage all the vikings in the ground the moment it touches the vikings. Another example, the explosive barrels, it will be exploded once it touches ground or it touches the dragon rider. The nearest object will also be dealing the same damage.

The cut-scene story to introduce a new projectile is also told with a very creative story-telling. For example, to introduce a sculptor projectile, the game tells a story about Gary, one of the princess's soldier. Gary was creating a new sculpture for himself, claiming himself to be the Viking Slayer. But when the princess saw the sculpture and heard the story, the Princess told the soldier to throw the sculptor away using the projectile, to ensure the title 'Viking Slayer' is really put in the right definition. There are so many other hilarious stories and you'll find them all inside the game.

To be put easily, the level design is simply fantastic. You'll be encountering a different experience in each level. Although all the vikings have been introduced early in the game, you won't get bored because facing the same enemies. The vikings will be using any way possible to get through your castle. You'll be facing a viking thrown by a catapult, facing vikings that comes up from underground, or flying down from a trees. Moreover the vikings will be using a vehicle that can't be shot down just two or three times. The weather also contributes the level design. It can be night, dawn, day, morning, raining. Even in a stormy weather where you barely see anything, the viking will rush to attack you.

Facing viking ship and dragon riders? Don't worry, it still can be harder than this

Facing viking ship and dragon riders? Don't worry, it still can be harder than this

Tips and Tricks

This game is nowhere near easy and I was lucky I passed all the levels, though I couldn't get all three stars in every levels. However, if you can't even pass a level, I have some tips and tricks for you.

  • Repeat the previous level. Coins are what needed to empower yourself. One of the reason you're not able to proceed to the next level might be because your defense is not strong enough to handle that level. So you might want to gather some coins from playing previous level and upgrade your arsenal.
  • Build a Combo. Other way to gather coins faster is by building a combo and created some bonus hit. Hitting multiple enemies with one rock is the best way to build a combo, some bonuses that can make contribution to coins are Billiard Shot, Furious Vikings, Knock Down Vehicles, Destroy Vikings Tower, Jump Kills, Squashed. Make sure that you notice this bonus and don't miss that opportunity.
  • Not all the projectiles are useful. When upgrading projectiles, make sure that you know which one to be upgraded. Some projectiles that I suggest you fully upgraded is, Pyrotechnic, Gardener, and Contractor. Projectiles upgrade that you want to leave out is Beekeeper. It only deal a small damage overtime and doesn't even deal enough damage to Sven.
  • Upgrade the Arrow. The Arrows has to be fully upgraded. It will slow down Sven (the giant vikings) while you prepare the rock. Runners are also great to be upgraded, beside adding more runners mean more coins, the fully upgraded runner will beat up the first two enemies in their way.
  • Three stars don't matter. Stars don't even add more coins to you. It will only gives you a chance to brag yourself to your friends. Otherwise, just try your best to finish the level.
  • Use Boosters. And the last, if the level is too hard to you to finish even if after you do all the tricks I've been telling you, bring some boosters before you start the levels. Some great boosters I could recommend you is Fire Arrows and Airstrike. Both of it will deal a lot of damage to the vikings and Airstrike can even wipe all the vikings (of course comes with expensive price).
Fully upgraded arrows can sow down the vikings (it comes with price as always)

Fully upgraded arrows can sow down the vikings (it comes with price as always)


Day of the Viking is great not because of how it can be played. It is a great game because of the design behind the game. So even if you might have experienced similar gameplay, the design behind each level is satisfying enough to make you play in the whole weekend. It does make me play in the whole weekend. And like what I've said earlier, it's enough to make you want to bite your own hand.

Day of the Viking 5 Modern Jamming Nov 11, 2014