Drift'n'Drive: Don't Let Them Crash Into You - iOS Games Review & Tips

Could you imagine racing with 32 cars at the same time in the same track. The worst thing, there are no rules! You can do anything to beat your opponent's cars. Hit them out of road, push them into trees, whatever you do, it's all legal!

This is the condition that you'll be facing when playing Kimmo Lahtinen called Drift'n'Drive. In Drift'n'Drive you play as 'name by yourself' driver. He/she wants to be the best driver in the world. So he/she takes the car and competes in every racing series until becoming the ultimate driver.

During the game you will be facing all regular obstacles that racer would have. Racing cone, tires, dirt, all this stuffs will slow your car down. But crash into tree and road block will stop your car directly and give your car some damage. At first, a smoke will come out from your car. If you crash your car too often, one front tire will be gone and your car will lose its balance. Crash it again and your car will be wrecked.

Racing in Drift'n'Drive is not that easy, you'll get two buttons to steer left and right. But if you press the steer too hard, your car will be turned out of control, you have to steer and press it very gently to make the car in control.

Also at the end of the race, every stunt, top speed, overtaking, and crash will give you some stars. These stars will be counted later after the race to count how many coins you will get from the race.

There are also challenges that you can do during the race to get more coins. But must I remind you that challenge is not a challenge if it’s not hard. One of the challenge that's hard enough to do is to do a 360 degree spin and still win the race. You have to do some silly task while have to accomplish some position after the race ended.

Coins that you gather will be used to upgrade the cars, either for its performance or of course for its color. It has 4 stats for the car, top speed, acceleration, handling, and boost. Some extra ability is available to add extra boost like ability Better Traction to control the car even if you're off the road.

In every end of the race, our next race position in that series will be decided based on our performance on our current race. So for example, if you finish in the third place, you will have some nice positions on the next race. Otherwise, you’d have to compete with other drivers.

There are also Time Attack mode available to be used for bragging your record to your friends. Availavle also, local Multiplayer where you can play together with up to 4 players in a device.

Things I Like

If you’re type of racer that doesn't like a chaotic race, maybe you should stop here. But otherwise, this chaotic race is what Drift’n’Drive sells and what I love the most from the game. At first it’s only a series between 8 cars, but it will get 'worse' as in the late race there will be 32 cars competing together.

And don’t worry about spending too much time in one race. The race will only take one lap and even in the later level, one race won’t cost you more than a minute. The only thing that cause you more minutes is because the curiosity and human nature that hate losing. Don’t tell me I haven’t warn you about that.

The background music sounds great. It gives kind of retro arcade feeling that suits well with the graphics of the game. The upbeat theme also pumps the adrenaline to drive your car faster. And I have to admit, I shouted a few times because the other car keep crashing towards mine.

I also love the replay ability of the game. In each race, the game will generate a map for you to race. The map isn't unique, but it will only be available on that particular series. Every map has their own designed in each series.

Other important things in this game that it's in-app free. You just need to purchase the game once, and that's it. You can enjoy the game for the rest of your life without having to spend any more penny on it.

Tips and Tricks

The other tips for playing this game, beside press gentle on the steer button, is to boost in the right time. Most of the time if your starting position is not so good, you’ll be battling other drivers. Chaos will be inevitable and you’ll be hit by other drivers. So in order to avoid this, try to hit boost as earlier as possible. This will give you enough advantage to escape from the crowd and take a good position.

Sometimes you also need to use the grass road. Don’t forget to get slower. As long as you take shorter path (and not too long on that grass path), you'll be more advantageous than your opponent.

Upgrade is not always necessary. You can just skip the upgrade and aim for higher engine. You’ll be able to save more coins with this method. Also avoid any upgrade that decrease other stats. Aim for upgrades that will improve your car as a whole.

One thing that sure is to purchase all the special items. Special items won't improve your car speed or handle, but it will improve the whole racing performance. For example, it will improve your control when off the road, improve your armor, and such thing.


I have fun playing this game. If you love playing a racing game while beatin' other cars around, this game is highly recommended. If you love avoiding car crash, this game will challenge your skills as a mad drivers. Lastly, as simple as this game could be, Drift’n’Drive has been an amazing game.

Drift’n'Drive 4.5 Modern Jamming Nov 07, 2014