Fifa 15 Ultimate Team: Manage, Bid, Sell, and Play - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I’ve been in love with soccer since my young age. My first experience of watching a soccer game was a match of AC Milan. At that time, they still had Oliver Bierhoff, George Weah, and even Paolo Maldini, when they were still at their golden age.

Well, it was a long time ago, and this time I want to introduce (if you haven’t known this game) you another football simulation game. Fifa 15: Ultimate Team is the latest installment from Into the Game EA Sports.

You will play as the owner of a Football Club that wants to have the ultimate football team in the world. To do that, you’ll have to get as many coins as possible to gather players you've been dreaming about playing together.

There are some packs offered in this game to give you a chance to get some players that you might need. It categorized into Bronze, Silver, and Gold for card rarity. Premium and non-Premium categories for even rarer cards.

These packs will contain everything you need to create your ultimate team. Players, Coach, Stadium, Contracts, Skill/Fitness booster, Team Badge, and even Team kit. This means you can have a Barcelona team kit playing under Real Madrid badge in Old Trafford stadium, with Josep Guardiola as the Coach.

To get the packs you will need some coins. The coins are given by playing the game. There are very wide varieties of the game mode. Starting from quick play with any club that you want to fight against, some tournaments with a very hard requirement, until a real match that is happening in the real life.

The match playing system also created to satisfaction. Although the players looked a bit too small on my iPhone screen, the game control is really well done. I don’t have any difficulties playing this game on small screen. But even if you still find some difficulties playing in small screen, there’s a Simulation Mode that plays the game with just text and text and text and text.

in Fifa 15, you'd be able to review your goal and share it via Facebook

in Fifa 15, you'd be able to review your goal and share it via Facebook

Things I Like

I like the chemistry features in the game. In Fifa 15, Chemistry plays quite important parts in the game as it will boost/reduce players performance depend on their chemistry with the team. The chemistry itselves calculated based on players country, club, and league where they play on. So when players play side by side with their colleagues (same nation, club, or league), they will be working together better and you’ll get a better results when playing.

I also love the consumable items. It makes the game felt more real as if we really are owners of a football club. The consumable items are divided into several kinds, Contracts, Fitness, Healing, Player Training, Position, Chemistry Style and many more. Contracts play as one of the important items in this category. Each player is bound with contracts, and everytime you play using that player, the contract will be reduced its duration. The difference from the real football game is that if you don’t use the player, the contract won’t be reduced.

Auction are one of the best features in this game. In auction mode, you’ll be able to bid players, staffs, club items or consumable items. You can also get lots of coins from this mode, so far this is my gold mine in the game. After this section I will give you some tips about playing in the auction mode.

Opening a Premium Gold Players Pack will give you chance to get a well-known players

Opening a Premium Gold Players Pack will give you chance to get a well-known players


Some of my tips that you might find useful to get coins in ordinary way.

  1. Play in a Tourney. Playing in tournament is proven to give lots of money. But, once you finished the tournament you can’t repeat the tournament anymore. The only tournament that can be repeated is the Team of the Week tourney, but the requirement would be pretty difficult.
  2. Buy Gold Players Pack. Like I've said, there’re many variations of the packs. Make sure you know what you buy. Any golden pack doesn’t guarantee you a gold player. It can sometime be a gold stadium or team kit. So if you want to get a gold player from the pack, you need to make sure you’re buying a gold players pack, not other gold pack.
  3. Search by Position. The more you play the player on their best position, the better result you’d get. But if you don’t have the player in that position, you can always use a player that is closest in that position. For example, if you don’t have a RM player, you can always use CM, CAM, CDM, or RW in that position.
  4. Use Simulation Mode. Playing every matches can be fun, but if you want to save some time while you’re working on something else, you might want to consider using the simulation mode. This mode will still give you almost the same amount of coins but save you lots of time.
  5. Chemistry is everything. Even in simulation mode, chemistry holds a great role in deciding the outcome of the game. Make sure you put your players from either the same country, club, or league to get the best of your player.
With the right composition and chemistry, winning a game is a lot easier

With the right composition and chemistry, winning a game is a lot easier

Now to get more coins, you might want to use this tips as this trick has helped me a lot in getting some coins.

  1. Use Auction. First of all, auction is the best place to get more coins. Auction will allow you to bid players, staffs, consumable items.
  2. Buy Cheap. Sell High. Just like economic principal, get as many profits as you can with as low expenses as you can. This also goes with auction in Fifa 15. Only buy cheap players/items and sell it with high price. To know if this player can be considered cheap, make sure you check out their market price, usually for gold players, 500 coins can still be considered cheap.
  3. Buy Contracts as a Starter. For getting maximum profit as fast as possible, start with auctioning contract. The reason is because lots of people need contract to keep their favorite player around. This way you can buy cheap contracts, then sell it to the market. My price usually around 250-400 then sell it around 700-950.
  4. Buy Manager Contracts. Manager contracts also become quite expensive in the market, so if you find one that is cheap (around 200-450), buy it. And after you get it, sell it again to the market.
  5. Buy Gold players. Now, after auctioning around contracts, you might want to expand your market in gold players. Certain gold players are less favorable than the other, so make sure you experience this by buying some cheap player at once. Then try to sell it with pretty cheap price. The one that sold faster, use that player to start your coins mine.
  6. Buy Premium Gold players. Most favourite players in this game are of course the premium gold players. All the famous football star are considered a premium gold players. If you can buy this at pretty cheap price (below 1000 coins), you can get a huge profit margin selling this players in the market.
Don't stop bidding until you run out of coins, but make sure you only bid the cheap card

Don't stop bidding until you run out of coins, but make sure you only bid the cheap card


I can’t remember when the last time I log in to a football simulation game not to play matches, but to check if my player has been sold to the market. Perhaps this game is one of the best football simulation game that I’ve ever played with. This game is so realistic I can call this the ultimate football game that you need and have to try!

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