Fujiko Pro's Doraemon Gadget Cat in Animoca Brands's Doraemon Gadget Rush

Besides cowboy comic, the other comic that I grew up with (and I'm pretty sure you know this character) is called Doraemon. Well since it's from Japan I probably should call it manga instead of comic. But anyway, Doraemon is one of my favorite manga all the time. Even until now I'm still re-reading some chapters from my old Doraemon manga.

Doraemon was created by the legendary duo that formed a team called Fujiko Fujio and published in December 1969. Since then, Doraemon has gained a huge fame and popularity until now, even after the original writer Hiroshi Fujimoto passed away. Animoca Brands won't let the magic of Doraemon disappeared. So under the english license of Fujiko Pro, Animoca Brands released another Doraemon game called Doraemon Gadget Rush.


In Doraemon Gadget Cat, Doraemon as we all know is a cat that has a pocket that contains many gadgets from the future. In Doraemon Gadget Rush, Doraemon Gadget Cat brings that pocket along while he's talking a walk. Unfortunately, some weird extra-terrestrial techno-thieves stole his futuristic gadgets. Their purpose is to study the civilisation and technology.

To bring back all the gadgets, Doraemon Gadget Cat sets up the adventure and bring all the friends along. Of course that would be including his best friend Nobita, Shizuka, Giant, and Suneo. Not only that, other characters like Sensei, Little G, Mom, Dad would be there to help Doraemon Gadget Cat too.

The game is pretty simple, you just have to match three tiles by swiping your finger along to create the line. If within certain time, you can match at least three tiles, seven times straight, you will be entering Fever time where you will get more point.

In those tiles, the characters that accompanying Doraemon Gadget Cat will also shows up inside the board. Of course, Doraemon Gadget Cat characters will also inside the board as well. You can bring up to 5 characters. For each character, you can equip them with a gadget. If you match more than 7 tiles of that particular character (for example 7 doraemon tiles), this gadget equipped on your character will be showing. This gadget will then act like a power up, like cleaning tiles around the gadget, or cleaning the board and create new tiles, and many more.


Things I Like

The mood sets up in Doraemon Gadget Rush is a light fun mood. Since Doraemon is created as a kids character, the mood is created to give fun and happy experience. Music in this particular area gives that mood inside the game. The background music is giving playful sound and the light blue colour scheme also gives bright and warm mood all over.

I also like the level design. Animoca Brands doesn't simply put a simple match-3 design than just use whatever there in the industry. In Doraemon Gadget Rush, the board will be changed without you can predict. Also as its name Gadget Rush, the rush will get to you as you want to get the Fever Time as soon as possible.

It also doesn't use the level progress but rather more into point progress. Each gadget will only be unlocked after you reach some certain point. But rest assured, the higher level you get, more point you'd be able to achieve.



First of all, as a fan of Doraemon Gadget Cat, the feeling of being able to play with Doraemon Gadget Cat, collecting all the gadgets and characters is already a good feeling. But on top of that, the game itself generally speaking of the quality. If you're a match-3 fan that happen to not hating Doraemon, download and play this game right away.