Get Rich Project: Build Your Own Paradise Islands - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

After a huge success in their previous games, Line Let’s Get Rich (our review), Net Marble is back again with another addictive games called GET RICH PROJECT. Released in December 11th, 2014, Get Rich Project is available on both iOS and Android platform. The only problem is that the game only available on some countries (yet). Hopefully, the developer will open its availability to other countries as soon as possible.

Get Rich Project is a social network simulation games. You will be assigned in inhabitant islands (yes, you will have more than one island) where you will develop it into your own tourist attraction. You can build lodging houses, leisures, shops, social buildings, and decorations. These buildings will beautify and attract tourists to spend their money in your island.


Things I Like

Get Rich Project introduces a pretty unique gameplay for a simulation game. Like many other social network simulation game, you will need to wait for certain time before you collect money from the buildings you have. In Get Rich Project, there are two different timespan, DAY and NIGHT. Every 2 hours, the timespan in the game will be switched. When the timespan switched, the game will have different situation.

On some building, you will get more profit in Day time, Volleyball Court for example. But in Day time, a concert attraction will gives small profit, it will gives more profit if you collect it in Night time.

This unique day and night timespan isn’t the only unique things available in this game. Every time you play, there are guests that kinda lost in your island. They will show a bubble to tell you which shop or attraction they want to go to. So you as the owner will need to send them to that place. Your good deed won’t be wasted, they will give you some coins after you send them. Moreover, there will be a chance that they drop some goodwill badge. Collect this and once you complete the collection, you can trade it with decorations, energy battery, and even buildings that unavailable via normal purchase.

Day and Night timespan also gives effect on this collection. It means you will only get certain goodwill badge on Day time. You won’t find it during Night time. On the other hand, there are some badges that only available on night time and not on the day time. There are also thief during the night time. If you don’t manage your social building well, the thief will steal all the coins from random buildings. You can only bite your finger once it happens.

As I’ve stated just now, this game is a social network game. So basically, you can’t do anything without friends. You can buy friends with the premium currency, but well what’s the point of playing social game without adding some unknown person and recognise them as your friends.

Luckily, the developer add some extra efforts to get you know each other well. They have Location-based friends so you can know who play Get Rich Project near you. You can also use Surfing to add your network friends. There are also search and Facebook feature to get you friend as much as possible.


Tips and Tricks

Even if this game is a freemium game, you can play Get Rich Project without spending any real money. The developers were kind enough for us to keep the balance of the game so that everyone will have the same experience. Even if you’re using real money, you will only speed up your gaming experience. Overall, without any real money spent, you can still enjoy the game. For you, I have some tips and tricks to get more coins and you won’t have to spend any money in this game.

  • Add Friends. This is the most important thing you need to do. You can use Surfing to add some random people as your friends. This is the most important thing in this game as everything will require the help of your friends.
  • Do quests. The next important thing is to do every quests available. Not because of the coins reward, but because of the experience reward. In Get Rich Project, the higher level you get, the more buildings you can build and the more coins you can produce.
  • Help the lost tourists. Goodwill badge that you collect will never goes astray. It will be useful for you, either now or later. So just trade the reward once you need it. There’s no need to rush the trade off. Your inventory is limited, so just trade when you really need it.
  • Visit Friends. Beside from helping tourists, Goodwill badge also given when you help your friends building. So make sure you tap those building of your friends everyday.
  • Expand wisely. As you gain level, you will be able to unlock more space in the island. My tips is to unlock the mainland first rather than useless sea or beach section as more buildings are required to be built in the land rather than in beach or sea.
  • Sell low-profit building. The higher level you are, the less space will available for you. So in order to open up more space while the expansion is still unavailable, sell low-profit buildings. There’s no need for you to have two balloon stand unless you need to complete a quest. For goodwill badge purpose, I keep one kind of every building.
  • Lodging doesn’t need road. Unlike other tourist attractions, lodging houses don’t need to be connected with the road. You can just put lodging houses anywhere you want. This will be effective to save space.
  • Fast supply products trick. There will be some quests where you need to re-supply your leisure/shop buildings several times. To do this quick, you can put your building into inventory. Tap EDIT then tap on your building, put it into inventory. Then, put the building back from your inventory and voila, you can re-supply your building again. Do it until you finish that quest. This trick only works on re-supply production, so it won’t work for getting coins.
  • Pirate attack tip. To make each attack faster, you can press the skip button in the right upper corner every time you attack other players. If the enemies only have one player, just skip it because you will win the battle for sure. This way you can continue to fight another opponent way much faster.
  • Prize Chest. Besides Pirate Chest, other chests must be opened with its particular key. So if you have Gold chest, make sure you have the Gold key as well. If not, the chest won’t be opened.


With their own innovation, Get Rich Project has claimed another success after Line’s Get Rich. It sure has their own fan base as it’s addictive enough to every social network gamers out there. Despite the crowded genre, Get Rich Project will be claiming its own crown in this area.