GREG A Mathematical Puzzle Game - iOS Games Review and Tips

I love Math. It was my favorite subject since I was at my elementary age. The reason is simple, you don’t need to remember anything. Once you know the concept, everything in math is all about logic.

Now I’m about to introduce you to a math-puzzle game called GREG. Greg is a simple math game that challenge you to match the given number by combining the numbers in the grid. The only rule here is that you will have to use all the numbers in the grid.

There will be a countdown timer that will decide the status of unused numbers. Once the number turned into red color and it still unused, the number will be burnt and you will lose the game.

Although the game sounds very simple, it gets really harder by the time you make a progress through the levels. The unused numbers timer will be shorten by each level. The numbers in the grid will be disappeared and only showed when you tap it. In later level, the number even swap with other number.

To help you play the game, there are some power ups that will help you advancing. But the power up won’t be always there for you, it will only stick to a number in a very short time that will disappear if you don’t use it in your number lists.

Things I like

I totally love the icon of this game as it really represents the whole game itself. The color selection also helps you a lot to feel more relax and less pressure even the game is hard.

This no-pressure feeling also backed up with a great background music. The looping music has a relaxing up beat music that gives you feeling to be hurry but still less pressure :)

I also love the badges design that were given in the game. The badges maintain the flat design that can be earned by doing a task in the game. An example of the badge is called really odd. The badge designed with three dices with all odd numbers in it. This badge can be earned if you complete any level with only and only odd numbers.

The game is also ad-free and you only pay once to get the full feature in the game. You don’t need to worry about another in-app content or any hidden features. It’s just you and the game.

The last thing that I love about this game is the game designed in Portrait mode. It is really suitable for playing with your iPhone the whole time. While this kind of game is not much nowadays, but it is still satisfying to add this kind of game in your collections.


Well to be honest, I only have a few tricks for playing this game. But hopefully this tricks can help you to reach a Professor level that you can use to brag to your friends out there.

Some tips that you can use:

  1. Play in Airplane Mode. While it said to be ad-free, the annoying part when playing this game is the notifications. When the notification shows up, it will cover the target number so you won’t be able to see anything. So to ensure the efficiency of the game, play in airplane mode so no one will disturb you with that annoying notifications.
  2. Use Combo. To advance to the next level, you have to get certain amount of points. The points itself are obtained when you match the number. To get a bigger point, you will have to do a combo of 3 or 4 numbers in one line. Remember that this combo will only work when the number is in one vertical/horizontal line. Do this in earlier level of the game as it gives you longer time to think about the number. It also resets the timer of the numbers (yes, in the later of the game, when you advancing to the next level, the timer of the numbers won’t be reset).
  3. Use power-up. Power up really change the game. Stop Timer or decrease the unused status can really help you. So once it shows up, make sure you use it no matter what.
  4. Prioritize the Red/Yellow Numbers. In later of the game, there will be more hidden numbers coming. But make sure you include a red number as this means the number is unused and will be burnt soon. If you don’t have red/yellow number, start your combo with a hidden number first.
  5. Be Quick. My last suggestion will be obvious for you guys. Just be a quick counter while playing this game. Don’t rush but make sure you count your number right and quick. If you count wrong, don’t be panicked. Just keep doing it, so your brain will learn the pace. Good luck!


GREG is a great brain-teasing game that will help you exercise your brain once in a while. It will only need you to spend a short amount of time, but still worked your brain a lot. If you love your brain to be teased then this game is definitely for you.

GREG Mathematical Puzzle 4.5 Modern Jamming Sep 08, 2014