Guns GirlZ: Escape Ragnarok - School Girl meets Zombie iOS/Android Games Review & Tips

I've never been playing a good beat 'em up games. I've been looking for a while but I can't find any good side scrolling beat 'em up other than the original double dragon trilogy and mutant fridge mayhem. So when a new game by 4inch Information Technology, Ltd bringing concepts of girl fighting with zombies (that also girls) in a beat 'em up gameplay, I downloaded it directly.

We play as Kiana, a cute girl that her school got attacked by a zombie viruses. The viruses turned every of her friends into zombies. Now Kiana with all of the surviving girls has to make it all the way to escape from the campus and survive the apocalypse. In order to do it, Kiana are equipped with complete set of armament, including suits, melee weapon, and range weapon.

We will be facing stages of chapters where in each chapter, like what a beat 'em up game would be, waves of zombies are waiting to be destroyed. At the end of each chapter, there will be so called Zombie Boss where it has more health and damage, but also drop a better loot compared to ordinary zombies.

We can also call partners to help us defeating the zombies. Once our characters reach level 10, we can enter guild to do some events that like most of you have already known, gives you a much better reward than what the story could give.

 Kiana will have to finish all the zombie waves to clear the level

Kiana will have to finish all the zombie waves to clear the level

Things I Like

I always love games that can be customized. I can easily get bored if I always see the same character with the same suits and weapons all the time. Gun Girlz pays attention to what I need and have lots of customization inside the game. I can change the weapon into shotgun, auto-rifles, snipers, and even a melee weapon (3 slots for your weapons). Even more, the button appearance during the game is also changed depends on what your weapon type would be.

I also love the Japanese cute girl voices when I playing with the game. It brings out the feeling of watching anime of a real zombie slaughter and the cuteness of the game.

 Customization will make your visual experience felt better

Customization will make your visual experience felt better

Tips and Tricks

There are some tips that I think would be useful for choosing your weapon and beat most of the levels.

  1. Prioritize your zombies. The game has put lots of variation towards the enemies, archers, regular zombies, fast zombies, kendo zombies, suicide zombies, armored zombies and slow zombies. The highest priority that you have to kill is when the suicide zombies run into you. Make sure you kill them or they will deal quite huge damage and you won't get any reward from it.
  2. Check the maximum stars for each weapon. Maximum stars is different with the rating of a weapon. Maximum stars will decide how many times a weapon could be upgraded. The maximum stars for items in this game is 6-stars. So if you got a rare equipment with 3 stars but only have 4 maximum stars, then it will only be able to be upgraded once. After that you can't upgrade this equipment anymore.
  3. Repeat Map that drop weapon. Even the rate for rare equipment drop is pretty low, stay put and repeat that map until you get the equipment you want. But, this will only good if you don't have that type of weapon. If you have the same type, the equipment won't do much for you.
  4. Choose weapon type wisely. Since you can only bring three types of weapon, you can decide your weapon. Sniper will be good for taking down multiple enemies but have a very low rate of shooting. Shotgun has better shoot rate, it can also gives a knock back to the enemies, but it shorts on ammo. Autorifle with highest shoot rate and lots of ammo, but it doesn't dealt that much of damage. Upgrade these weapons will only increase damage and ammo significantly. It won't affect the shoot rate that much.
  5. Don't use your unused weapon to enhance other weapons. Early in the game, you might want to enhance your favorite weapon with other drop equipment. While this is true, later in the game you can't do this anymore. Enhancing your unused weapon will only gives a few EXP, and not only that, it will be quite expensive. Use the MEOW to enhance your weapon (getting the item will be quite difficult, but doing events will help you a lot on this).
  6. Kill the small annoying thief. Sometimes in the game, there will a small fry running around. Kill that fry and it will drop a pretty good equipment for you.
  7. Badges. Badges are like a booster for your character. Make sure that all the badges that you choose are complementing your weapons. For example, don't use a booster that saying increase shotgun damage by 10% while you're not using any shotgun in your weapon list.
  8. Easy and Hard Mode. After you finish the whole chapter in easy mode, the Hard mode will be unlocked. This hard mode will be shorter than the easy mode. So if you want to just search for dropped item, you can use this mode to finish the level quickly and get your item faster.

And lastly, I got these three codes for all the beginners. You can claim these items from Other Menu then look for Exchange. Enter the codes and you'll get some suits and meow.

7AA9M5 » 60 c + 2 large silver meows IXP34W » 3* Color Sleeve Kimono (lvl 5) + 2 small diamond/ gold/ silver meows Q02468 » 3* Color Sleeve Kimono (lvl 10)


Guns Girlz: Escape Ragnarok is a simple and satisfying beat 'em up game. Plus, it has the cuteness of Japanese style of Anime Girl. If you're looking for a good beat 'em up game that doesn't care about the story, this game would be perfect match for you. You can just customize the girl whatever you want and use it to beat another cute zombie girls.

Guns Girlz: Escape Ragnarok 4.5 Modern Jamming Oct 23, 2014