Haunt the House: Terrortown - Side Scrolling Puzzle Action iOS/Android Games Review and Tips

Happy Halloween everyone! During this Halloween week, lots of game publishers are releasing or updating the game with Halloween theme. Zombie, Ghost, and Vampire are spread around game community, celebrating one of the famous celebration in the world.

One of the new game that pull my attention during this event is Haunt the House: Terrortown by SFB Games. This side scrolling action puzzle game was originally developed for a browser game, but then has been ported on several platform including PC, Mac, and PlayStation Mobile. Now it's iOS and Android version has came and my first impression, it's cute!

We play as a cute white sad face ghost, and like what the title says. We are tasked to move around from one place to another, scaring all of the inhabitants there. We will be able to float around, walking through floor to floor like it's nothing (well it's a ghost). Then (the coolest part of the game) we need to possess the object around the house in order to shock the inhabitants there and scare them away.

While we interact, the atmosphere of the place will increase each time we do a prank. After we reach a certain atmosphere, a new prank in that particular object will be unlocked and we can do a lil' bit scarier trick with this new prank.

Atmosphere will be deciding the prank that you could use

Atmosphere will be deciding the prank that you could use

Things I Like

I'm a kind of prankster in my teen age, so the ability to scare people had given a seriously fun time while I'm playing the game. Even after I finished 5 places in the game, I still wanted to repeat the game just because of the ability to prank the people inside.

I also love the interaction between the ghost and the objects inside the house. Almost everything inside the house have some interactions, be it a samurai's sword, or a table, curtain, a lamp, or even a sculpture. If those aren't enough, how about a cinema chair? Or paint in the wall? All of these things can be possessed by the ghost, resulting many pranks available for you to scare the people out of their pants.

The variety of the pranks also amazed me. The basic prank that you can do to an object is to move them, left right, hold to make them floating or rattle to make objects like light and curtain to shake themselves creating a rather creepy effect. But once you reach certain atmosphere and all the pranks in that house are unlocked, a scary dark soul will rise from its bed, or a x-ray machine that can split itself into half to surprise the people there. This gameplay trailer might be helping for you to grasp what I mean.

Oh and once you've completed the game, you'll get a result about your whole performance on the five places. This will be based on how you scare people, do all the people run out from the places because of the scariness, or do you scare them too much until they just jump out from the house because of you? All of them will be counted as your last result.

Beside the graphics and the pranks, the audio is also one of the selling point in the game. The background music is designed specifically for each place, not to mention the SFX that produced when you do pranks.

After finishing the game, you'd be able to get result of your 'ghost' performance

After finishing the game, you'd be able to get result of your 'ghost' performance


Despite a pretty short playtime, the replay value of Terrortown can be counted as pretty high. Once you finish the game, if you didn't get a quite good result, you can always replay to get better result. Or if you just want to watch some pranks, you can always play around in the game. During a halloween week like this, Haunt the House: Terrortown can be quite accompany for killing time and pranking some 'chicken' people.

Haunt the House: Terrortown 4.5 Modern Jamming Nov 03, 2014