Kingdom Rush Origins: The More The Merrier - iOS/Android Games Review & Tips

Before you read this review, I ensure you that I've tried my best to keep my head as general as possible (this is my favorite TD games, so i want you know that I put my review in a general point of view). I want to convince you guys that although this game is the third installment, it's still worth your bucks.

So anyway, Kingdom Rush Origins from Ironhide Games was taking a story before everything in the first and second Kingdom Rush started. It took a story where elves and natures are trying to restore the peace that have been contaminated by the dark force. Most of the game mechanics that we all love in the first and second installment are all there. You'll still have four towers (arrow, barrack, mage, and artillery). Like always, all of the towers have skill trees and level upgrades.

For those who are not familiar with the skill trees, skill trees work like a passive ability of the tower. You can purchase the skills with defeating a level. The many lives that you left after completing level will decide the stars you could gain. So for instance, if you complete level with >= 18 lives, you will get 3-stars, otherwise you'll get lessen stars.

There are various enemies that appear in this game based on the map world you're playing at. For instance, in the elves world, you'll be facing more animals like wolf and their kind. Then in the last world, you won't be facing wolves anymore, but more like spiders and necromancers.

Some new features that introduced in this game are hero special attacks and some extra in-game tower. This extra in-game tower works like a spell, once you tap them, it will be dealing some damages and the cool down will be started.

Each hero will have special attacks now, so you'll have additional spell uniquely based on the hero you use. It surely needs cool down time after being used. But trust me, it doesn't decrease playing experience, it will only make you rely on your heroes even more.


Things I Like

In the previous Ironhide games, I've been in love with the balance of each level. This balance returns in this prequel with even more amazing level. The enemies have appeared unreasonably stronger compared to the previous two games. But this stronger enemies come with a stronger towers and stronger heroes for us.

Yes, the enemies are way stronger than the previous games. In the previous two games, the only enemy that can disable your towers is a boss-level enemy. But in this game, even a normal creep can disable your towers upon their death. This is my personal opinion, but I think in Origins, Ironhide seems to increase the magic effect in every component of the game.

The reason is based on the skill trees for each tower. Normally, only mage tower can deal magic damage. But in this game, even soldiers can learn to deal some magic damage.

By the way, for those of you who haven't played the previous games, Kingdom Rush comes with two ways of dealing damage. The first one is the normal, the second one is the magic damage. If the enemies come with high armors, magic damage will deal the best damage. On the other hand, normal damage (arrow kind of damage) will deal the best damage with high magic resistance enemies.


If you're a Tower Defense, Strategy, Tactical lover, Kingdom Rush Origins is something that you can't miss. I'm not saying it's a completely different game and you'll get a different experience than the previous ones. You'll get the same experience, but why change an already great experience?

With this great improvements, you'll have more experiences in playing the already great game. With the same artistic drawing, balance game mechanic, fun map design, you'll get what you love from Kingdom Rush Origins.

Kingdom Rush Origins 5 Modern Jamming Nov 28, 2014