List of Transistor Combinations for iOS (Tips and Guide)

Everyone that've played Bastion in iOS will all agree that Bastion is, one of the best isometric game that you'll find in this community. From its gameplay, graphics, sound, even the story are all top notch.

That's why, when Supergiant Games announced their second game in 2013, and then released it on 2014, the expectation were raised really high. After 600,000+ copies sold until 2015, Supergiant Games finally released their second game into iOS. The game brings the same isometric point of view and using Role-playing Action/Adventure as its genre. It's entitled as Transistor.

From Supergiant Games blog:

Transistor is a sci-fi themed action RPG that invites you to wield an extraordinary weapon of unknown origin as they fight through a stunning futuristic city. The game seamlessly integrates thoughtful strategic planning into a fast-paced action experience, melding responsive gameplay and rich atmospheric storytelling. During the course of the adventure, players will piece together the Transistor's mysteries as they pursue its former owners.

The Story and Plot

Transistor tells a story about Red, a 'once' famous singer in a city called Cloudbank. During the game, Red will be trying to recover her voice that was lost mysteriously, as well as trying to defeat some robotic forces called the Process.

During her adventure, Red will be accompanied by a glowing greatsword called as Transistor, the only voice that you'll be hearing throughout most of the game. As it turns out, the voice that's coming from the Transistor, is a self-consciousness of a man that was killed by the sword. The sword also has a unique ability. It can absorb the soul of someone who have died and make their ability as its power, or as Supergiant Games call it, the function().

Through the game, the story will reveal more about Red's relationship with the Transistor. There will also be some explanation behind the appearance of Process, who are the culprits behind these aggresive robots.

How I love Transistor and Red

Since Transistor is not a really new game, I'd let this Wikipedia page) explains to you about how amazing Transistor's gameplay looked and played. Or perhaps if you think leaving this page will be a nuisance, this gameplay trailer about the game will be a perfect to represent the beauty of Transistor.

If you haven't convinced about how pretty the game looked like, I'd like to share some more details about the game. First of all, did you know? Transistor has earned more than 70 industry accolades, including end-of-year awards and nominations. Don't believe me, just check out this huge list of nominations for Transistor.

My next love at first sight with Transistor is the turn() ability. This ability is the thing I love the most from the game, and it works as simple as, I get to stop the time. Moreover, in a limited move, I can plan all my move, dealing damage, and the monsters won't be able to move at all. Then when I've done planning, press the button and Red will be moving so fast, it's like all the other thing doesn't even move. Perhaps, it's more like the Flash, but with all the fancy move.

As I've stated before, Transistor can be powered up by attaching function(). These function()s will be added in your library when Red has gained level or she met with someone who dies. This is what make Transistor even more amazing. There are 1000+ available combinations of function() that you can attach into the sword, and you can only use 4 active function(). Moreover, once you finish the game, you can still keep all your function()s while restarting the game, so imagine how much experiment that you must do to find your best combination?

And yes, for you who have guessed that I must be in love with the graphics, you're true. The graphics of Transistor are so pretty, I could make any in-game content as a wallpaper for my desktop. Just like this screenshot below.


Music has always been another greatest weapon of games from Supergiant Games. If you've played Bastion, you can expect the same high quality music in Transistor. However, if you haven't played any of Supergiant Games, first of all, all the music in both Supergiant Games were created by the amazing Darren Korb.

Why I call him amazing? It's because he produced BGM for both games as a one-man audio team! Even more amazing because he actually created the award-winning music for Bastion in a shoestring budget! Last March, he also won SWSXGaming Award for Excellence in Musical Score. As a bonus, this video is the duet of Darren Korb and Ashley Barret, singing one of Transistor BGM.

And their FREE streaming soundtrack of Transistor, because.. well, because they could share it to you :)

Weapon Combinations

Since you know that there are 1000+ combinations of function(), it can be really hard to decide which function() combinations that you'll bring with you. So I've collected some cool function() combinations that you might want to bring along.

Two function() combos

If perhaps one of you have just started playing Transistor, you should check this wiki for information about all the function()s available in Transistor. You will also find all available combos for each function(), but only limited into two function()s at most.

Tap(Jaunt(), Load())

From these tips onward, these combos are only for function() that have 2 upgrade slots unlocked. Tap() is useful for healing Red and dealing strong AoE damage as well. Since this ability would be useful while you're waiting Turn()'s cooldown, I'd suggest to add Jaunt() in it to make Tap() available during overload time. Finishing this combination with Load() will add more damage to it.

Mask(Mask(), Ping())

This combo here is meant to add more damage before other function comes in. So make sure when you start your turn(), this combo comes first before all the damage-dealing function()s come in.

Mask(Load(), Mask())

If the combo before is used as a damage booster, this combo can be used as a panic combo. It can deal a huge damage to everything around when the function is triggered as well as a panic button.

Void(Purge(), Get())

This combo will drag everyone in one area, it's a perfect setup for AoE damage like Tap() or packet sender Load(). Setup this combo first, then send the AoE in, and last, use a fast striker like Tap() to conclude the huge damage. Other method to do this kind of drag everyone into is Void(Get(), Spark()).

Bounce(Tap(), Load())

It is a combo that heals yourself and hits enemies at the same time. Combined with Load() meaning, it doesn't only hit enemies, but hits it hard.

Tips and Tricks

I've also put down all the tips that you might need to know in order to finish the game with ease. Some things that I've picked up:

  • Take out Weeds and Cheerleaders. Weeds will heal other Processes, Cheerleaders will nullify damage of one process that it chose. So you might want to deal with this two processes first.
  • Above all things, always try to deal Backstab. You need to go behind the Process if you want to deal a backstab damage.
  • Always try to do damage to more than one enemies.
  • Youngladies always teleport when got hit, so its best to not use turn() when dealing with this process.
  • Try practicing combos in the Practice Room, it helps to get the hang of your functions with ease.
  • Do all the challenges if you have access to the back door. Beside, unlocking the music, it will also train you with function().
  • Try new combos! If you've gotten stucked into the same enemy, perhaps it's about time you try a new variation.
  • Don't forget to get behind some block to cover yourself.


Another beautiful product from Supergiant Games has proven the studio quality. Transistor is a game that combines a beautiful graphic, a fantastic music, amazing story, and an innovative gameplay. I think it's about time that we should support an indie developer like Supergiant Games by purchasing this game and enjoying the beauty of Transistor.

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About Supergiant Games

Supergiant Games is an American video game development company based in San Jose, California. It was founded in 2009 by Amir Rao and Gavin Simon, and currently consists of twelve employees in San Jose and other locations. Several of its team members were former developers from the Electronic Arts Los Angeles studio, which developed the Command & Conquer series of video games.

Before Transistor, their first game, Bastion, received high critical praise, including being listed among several "Game of the Year" lists from game journalists. Moreover, Bastion has attracted many publishers, but at the end chose Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment that shared the same vision they had for the game.

You can always visit their amazing works at their website, twitter, facebook, and listen to their music on YouTube