PBR: Raging Bulls - Bulls Rodeo YEE-HA! iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

Playing Rodeo is the hardest thing I've ever played in life (even it's only a dummy rodeo). You have to know when you have to hold tight onto the ropes and at the same time you have to know when to move your body towards the bull movement. While all the veterans have made it seems not too difficult, it's impossible to play rodeo if you didn't play this from your young age (unless you play with dummy rodeo like I did, ignore this message).

Nevertheless, watching somebody got thrown away or how they hold themselves upside a bull is always a thrill to watch. Professional Bull Riders community saw this opportunity behind this kind of show and partnered with RED Games to create PBR: Raging Bulls, the official mobile game of the Professional Bull Riders.

You, of course playing as a Bull Rider, are starting career to be the world most famous bull riders. It all started on your backyard, where you learn the game with the mechanical bull. After you master the mechanical bull, you will be facing 13 popular PBR and fantasy bulls.

The game itself is really simple, you are given a stamina bar that you have to keep, in order to survive the bulls attack. Each time the bull attack, you have to press the Hold On button on the right side, and while the bull idle, you kick the bull by pressing the left button.

 The bull always surprises you with unique patterns of attack

The bull always surprises you with unique patterns of attack

Things I Like

Despite the simple mechanics, the game itself is proven to be pretty addictive. That's because I think I can easily beat the game, but on the contrary, the pattern of the bulls are different from one and another. It makes you're having a hard time fighting against bull on the first attempt.

This pattern that I mentioned just now is also one of the strong point of this game. It makes the game feels more dynamic and create many combination that I can't even guess beforehand.

Creativity in this game doesn't stop there. Each of the bull is also designed specifically with their unique abilities. For example, if the bull pattern is to dash forward, the bull is designed with red fiery eyes, and also fire in its foot while charging before the dash.

The game can also be played in a very short time. This short playing time is enabled because of the energy system and the game mechanic itself. Once you runs out of energy, you need to wait until the energy refills. The game mechanic that use a rodeo system also take a shorter time to play.

 It has so many challenging bulls that you have to conquer

It has so many challenging bulls that you have to conquer

Tips and Tricks

Some tips that I've found to finish the game faster are listed below.

  1. Attack pattern are always the same. Although every bull has their own unique attack, the pattern of each bull is always the same. Learn this pattern and you'll master it in no time.
  2. Don't Stop Kicking. Make sure to kick constantly to regain some stamina. But even if your stamina is full, kick the bull to get some extra points. Kick even if the bull is doing a mid-air trick, just don't stop kicking unless you're doing a hold on.
  3. Don't press Hold On too long. Since pressing hold on button will drain your stamina (once your stamina runs out, if you still sitting in your bull, you will be stunned for a while, you'll be thrown from your bull otherwise), don't press it too long. Press the button only before the bull launching attack that can throw you off, then release it after they finish. It's all about your timing and how you read the bull's pattern.
  4. Replay Events & Upgrade Riders. If the bull is too difficult for you to win, upgrade your rider first as it will help you pass the level easily. If you don't have enough cash to purchase the upgrade, just repeat the previous level to get some cash.
 Including a bull that can disappear too

Including a bull that can disappear too


PBR: Raging Bulls is showing that Rodeo can be fun and addictive. Using a simple mechanic and rules that anyone can understand on the first explanation, this game is what a pattern-recognition game should be.

PBR: Raging Bulls 4 Modern Jamming Oct 11, 2014