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Most of us might only think that heroes, are the one who win the war for us, are the one who won the noble prize. The one who defeat the bad guys, the villains. However, do we all know that there are still many other forms of nobility instead of just inventing something life-changing or killing the bad guys?

Long ago, even before Peter Stuyvesant appointed four men as the fire wardens in New Amsterdam (now New York). Even before George Washington became a volunteer firefighter in 1774. Fire has always been a potential incident for humanity. History noted that in 587 BC, fire was one of the cause of the Temple and city of Jerusalem's destruction.

Since then, there are more and more incident that caused by this supposedly friendly and beautiful red combustion material. That's why, there are always reasons, why every states in every countries in this world have their own firefighting department.

In Germany, the city fire department is called German fire brigades or Feuerwehr. There are about 24,000 volunteer fire brigades or Freiwillige Feuerwehr, which is required by the laws to be built in each village, even the smallest.

Bringing up the motto, "Save lives. Anytime. Anywhere.", German games publisher, Rondomedia, tried to give you a unique, first-hand glimpse into the dangerous and challenging daily business of an urban fire department. After the successful launch of the firefighting simulator in PC and Mac called Rescue 2: Everyday Heroes, Rondomedia along with the developer Fragment Production brought in RESCUE: Heroes in Action to mobile platforms.

RESCUE: Heroes in Action, a Firefighting Simulator

Rescue: Heroes in Action offers both real-time strategy and management inside this firefighting simulator. You will be responding various emergency situations, from airport firefighting, shipyard's warehouse fire, until oil refinery emergency that requires fast respond.

Inside the game, you will have two situations, extinguishing fire that will endangered civilians, and saving victims that need some quick help. In order to do it, you will be getting one fire truck, complete with the fire hose and the water pumping tools.

Not only the truck, you will have some fire fighters for you, two at early level, more firefighters as you go through the level. All the fire fighters will have ability to rescue victims, put them up in their back and bring them all the way into the nearest rescue van. The fire fighters are also equipped with fire extinguisher to control small fires, axes to breakthrough locked door, and of course the ability to withstand blazing fire.

There are also hydrants spreaded in the map as a piece of the puzzle. Both firefighters and fire truck can connect themselves into the hydrant in order to get unlimited water, resulting a more efficient and faster process in extinguishing fire.

Both firefighters and fire trucks are upgradeable. For example, you can upgrade the water capacity of the trucks resulting a more efficient process. There are four stats that can be upgraded for the fire trucks. Moreover, there are three trucks available, including the first fire truck. The unlocked fire truck have a larger capacity and better tools compared to the previous one. Fire trucks also can be customized its paint and its decals.

You can also upgrade the firefighters and change how they appears similar to what you can do to fire trucks. However, firefighters aren't unlockable feature. You can't unlock them at will, the game will unlock more firefighters for you as you advance through the game.

RESCUE: Heroes in Action, Beautiful Time-Management Firefighting

There aren't many games that took this genre and doing it properly like what RESCUE: Heroes in Action have done. The game feels solid, the graphics are done beautifully, the SFX and BGM immersed me deep inside the game. It's a rather solid game that's added with attention of detail, just as expected from a German's game studio.

Although compared to its predecessor in PC and Mac, RESCUE: Heroes in Action still lacks in the amount of content, Rondomedia clearly shows what they are able to create, and the future of this genre. It's clearly showing some potential on the day forward.

Back to the game. In RESCUE: Heroes in Action, you will have three districts, each with their own disastrous incidents. Within each level, lies a puzzle behind. You will battle against time, you will have to deal with all the stuffs before the time runs out. There are also fires and victims that for me act as the puzzle that need to be solved. Which one should I do first, extinguishing the fire, or saving the victims?

Anyway, to save your time when you've decided to play the game, always choose to extinguish the potential threat, the fire, first, before everything else. More tips, always try to look for the hydrant, park your fire truck near it, and attach it with the hydrant. This way, your firefighters won't be run out of water and you can extinguish fire more efficiently.

However, things won't go smoothly just like you expect when you start the level. Even if you have planned how you will go through the level, in the middle of the level, there will be more incidents happening just when you think you have get a hold of the fire. So for example, in a level, an airplane crashed in a highway, resulting some cars got burnt. Obviously, I need to act fast, running my truck near it, attach it to the nearest hydrant and told my firefighters to extinguish the threat while saving some victims. However, when I've finally able to extinguish most of the fire, somehow, another car blown up and more fire spreading through other car. So I decide to split my firefighters and left one to finish the job while the other one start extinguishing the new threat.

These kind of situations are often happening inside RESCUE: Heroes in Action, clearly trying to simulate the situation that happens in the real life. When you've successfully dealing with the incidents, you will be rewarded with some coins. These coins then, can be used to either upgrade your firefighters or fire truck. Using coins, you can also unlock more advanced fire truck to help your fire department.

RESCUE: Heroes in Action, The Controls

RESCUE: Heroes in Action is a top-down real time strategy game. Most of the time, you will be dragging around both the firefighters and fire truck. Drag firefighter near an object and a cog or exclamation mark cursor will be shown, indicating that you can do something with this object.

If the object is the fire truck, you can attach a hose to the truck, or get inside the truck. Cursor near victim, you can lift them up to your shoulder. Bring it near the hydrant, you can either attach it as a water refillment system for the fire truck, or you can attach it to the water hose to extinguish fire.

Since it all about dragging, you will need a larger view of the map to look the overall view. You can drag the map to look around, but if you want to get the overall view, there's an overview map button to see the whole map in a screen. In this way, you can be sure at the position of the fire and the victims, the hydrant's position and the rescue van position.


There aren't many games that take rescue mission as their genre, especially a firefighting simulator genre. However, despite being surrounded with a weak competition, RESCUE: Heroes in Action still brings out their A-game, producing a high quality game with a great content. For me, RESCUE: Heroes in Action definitely worth the try as a top down game and as a game in this particular genre.

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About Rondomedia

Rondomedia is a German games publisher that was founded in 1998. Together with their subsidiary, Rondomedia is the second largest publisher and distributor for computer games in the German speaking territory (evaluation by units PC-CD-ROM/DVD, media control/Gfk, 2011-2013).

Founded by André Franzmann as the owner, Rondomedia is an independent and family-owned business. The company is run by Kristina Klooss as managing director and Julia Pfiffer as deputy managing director – both longtime members of the rondomedia team with an extensive industry experience.

You can always check Rondomedia works, especially in firefighting simulator at their website and their facebook.