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Medieval and Tower Defense are matching really well to use in a complete Tower Defense game. If you're using Medieval theme, it's guaranteed that the players will be defending a castle, outpost, camp, forest, or well, you know, that kind of medieval stuff.

The tower will also be guaranteed to have magic involved, poisonous arrow, volcano. Not to forget the waves of skeletons, some weird creatures, ghosts, anti-magic creatures, sorcerers, and well, all the super-villains in medieval thingy.

If you guys are one of those gamers that into this kind of thing, you might want to check Wooga's latest game that combined Medieval with Tower Defense. The game is called Crazy Kings, and yes, it consists of crazy medieval kings that's trying to ruin the world.

For the Love of Tower Defense

The gameplay of Crazy Kings isn't that complicated. You will have certain lives that need to be defended. There will be a starting point where the enemies will come in and routes which the enemies will be passing through. The map are also pre-defined so you can't put the tower anywhere you like.

Crazy Kings is just like many Tower Defense could offer to the players, judging from its gameplay. However, from this simple gameplay, Wooga elevates it by adding extra cent outside this basic gameplay.

The first extra cent that I believe (personal opinion), inspired from Plants vs Zombies, is the ability to build your own personalized battle deck. In Crazy Kings, you can't just bring all your available tower with you. You're only able to bring certain towers to the battlefield. You can bring more towers by meeting stars requirements that achieved when you've finished some levels.

The towers here, as well as the defender, is the next extra cent that makes the game even more interesting. There are three types of defender that will help you to beat the Crazy Kings. Hero Cards, Tower Cards, and Spell Cards (I'll explain why they call the defender as 'cards' in a moment).

Hero Cards, as the text says, is unit that will be inside the enemies' route to hold them, or as the last-line defender to save the outpost. They can be placed and moved anywhere in the battlefield. Despite being the enemies' holder, Hero Cards can be fainted when they run out of health. To revive these heroes, you can either wait them to be revived or just use the gems (premium currency).

Beside the Hero Cards, you are also play and operate much like a Hero Card, or in this game, you're called as the Avatar. However, unlike Hero Card, Avatar is not a card, and it can't be upgraded like other cards.

As you might've suggest, Spell Cards works as a spell that will be used inside the battle. Spell Cards have a diverse range of ability, from offensive spells, to defensive spells, until healing aura. As long as you have enough mana (currency that used to call all towers, heroes, and spells), you can cast them whenever and wherever you want.

Of course, above all, is the Tower Cards as the main defender here. Unlike Hero and Spell Cards, you can't just place Tower Cards wherever you want, you'd have to to put it on the spots pre-defined for you.

So now let's move and talk about the next cent I'd love from Crazy Kings. It's the card collecting mechanic. Card collecting mechanic is widely used as a core mechanic in many free-to-play RPG games in mobile game. However, not many if not none at all, use this mechanic as their core in a Tower Defense game.

Like many other card mechanic, Crazy Kings cards can also be upgraded when you have identical card with the same level. Having an upgraded card means that your defender will be more powerful; and if your tower got upgraded, it can unlock more skills.

To get the cards, you can purchase them from the shop using real money. Or, you can play the various level available in the game. The good thing is, which also the next cent, Crazy Kings have an unreasonably tons of level, available to be played.

The game also borrows other level mechanic from F2P games, like Arena,Tournament, Climb the Stairs, Daily Chest, and Daily Game. All of them, plus the already hundreds of level available for you. You can expect a unlimited (well unless you can finish hundreds of level in one day) tower defense game in your daily basis.

Don't worry about the time though. In average, the level will take 5 to 7 minutes in normal speed, only the boss level will take time more time, but still less than 20 minutes. Plus, you will get a note for approximate time that will be spent when you're playing the level.

Tips and Tricks

I've spent some times playing this game and I've found some tips for you to proceed further in this medieval tower defense.

Please note that this strategy doesn't count uncommon or rare cards inside. It only contains strategy with common cards as it based. These tips only contain strategy as far as the progress of the game.

The most basic tips that I'd like to share with you is the deck strategy. Before you choose the towers, you'll want to press the scout button. This scout button will show you the enemies that you'll be facing, thus, can be put as a factor to decide which tower you should bring.

That brings out what tower to bring against what enemy. The easiest type of enemies to be countered are the Minotaurs and Vermins. You can use almost any tower to bring them down. All tower except Holy Tower, because it will only deal half damage to non-undead enemies.

So, if you're seeing Undead enemies, it'd be best to bring Holy Tower inside your deck as it will deal a pretty good damage to undead. However, you should leave this tower behind when the undeads are the minority. Should you know that Archer Tower and all poison based unit are pretty useless against Undead, so you also might want to left them out.

Next up are armor-based enemies, the Birds and the Ironclads. To counter these enemies, use poison-based unit like Archer or Poison Tower. Magic-based towers can also be useful to fight against the Birds, so you might want to bring Lightning Tower to counter the Birds.

The anti-magic enemies are Slime. All magic-based towers are useless against these enemies. So, you need to bring normal damage towers like Archer or Pirate Tower to counter these enemies.

The other factor that can be considered to build the deck is the quest. Everytime you finish a quest, you will get pieces of map, collect 7 pieces and you will be rewarded with some generous cards. However, sometimes the quest can requires you to use a certain spell as a requirement. So you might want to include the quest requirement in your deck.

Now, after you're ready with your deck, winning the waves are depending on where you put the tower at. Make sure that you put tower than can hit multiple target like Lightning Tower or Pirate Tower in a wet area like in this screenshot.



Crazy Kings doesn't actually trying to excel in anything, if I'm being honest. However, Crazy Kings I believe, would truly be a satisfying game for most Tower Defense fan. The amount of content, plus the challenge could be a really interesting spices for all the fan. If you're one of those fan, there shouldn't be any pain to download this game.

About Wooga

Founded in 2009, Wooga has become one of the most popular developers of mobile games in the world. At its headquarters in Berlin, employees from more than 40 nations develop high quality free-to-play games for a global audience. Wooga’s focus is on regularly creating hits such as Jelly Splash, Pearl’s Peril, Diamond Dash and most recently Agent Alice. Over 50 million people play Wooga’s games every month across multiple platforms.

You can check more about Wooga at their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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