Power Rangers Dash: F2P Endless Running Game - Review and Tips

I grew up with Power Rangers television series. It was so memorable that I can still remember the character's name of the rangers. Anyway, the first Power Rangers that I saw was Mighty Morphin Power Rangers with its Zordon and Alpha characters.

This time, I have new game for you that have similar experience like me. PowerRangersDash brings out the memories of white, red, blue, yellow, green, black, and pink rangers. The gameplay is simple, but the love of power rangers kept me playing this game more and more.

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Anyone that play Monster Dash by Halfbrick will be instantly familiar with the gameplay of this game. Yes, it's a free2play endless running game where you have to jump to avoid obstacles and move from one building to another; also to kill the monsters that running towards you.

The stars in this game are of course the Power Rangers characters. In this game, the characters are coming from Power Rangers Super Megaforce, Samurai, Operation Overdrive, Mystic Force, Wild Force, and Mighty Morphin.

We get to choose three rangers from our collections. We can update our collection with unlocking character. The characters can be purchased with E-Coin or G-Coin, the later one is the premium currency in this game.

Each ranger also have a unique weapon based on the TV series, so ranger like Mystic Red use sword as melee weapon while Mystic Blue use wand as range weapon. Decide based on this information to make your own combination.

Things I Like

What can Power Rangers be without their Megazord? Power Rangers Dash also has power up pickup like increase damage, attack speed, revive rangers, and Megazord. The last one is my favorite as it will evolve the rangers into a Megazord (more like fever in Monster Dash).

I also love the rangers caricature design. With the head that bigger than their body while running, is creating a cute sensation.

Playing Tips

There are some tips that I find useful for playing this game.

  1. See the Future. As many endless running game that I've played, the basic is always look in the end of the screen. In this way, you can be prepared on what's coming.
  2. Double Jump. Sometimes the monster in this game will be jumping around, so to avoid this, use double jump.
  3. Range. Range ranger in this game are way more usable. So make sure you put the range ranger in the front line.
  4. Hit before Jump. To make sure the enemy doesn't take advantage when you're landing, just shoot first before you jump.
  5. Tap fast. Tap fast to make the timer at the end of the game count down faster. This will saves your time.
  6. Upgrade. After one of your ranger reach maximum level (10), you can upgrade the grade of your ranger by paying 10,000 E-Coin. In any F2P games, better grade means better result.
  7. Don't sell your basic ranger. In this game, your ranger can be equipped with gem. Basic ranger that you got early in the game has this gem, if you sell your ranger, the gem will also be vanished along with the ranger.
  8. Wait until 100 G-Coin. While 10 G-Coin can unlock one ranger at the store, 100 G-Coin can unlock 10 rangers, but also has 100% probability of S-Grade. Something that 10 G-Coin doesn't have.
  9. Don't miss the Zord fights. The zord will be fighting every 13 hours. Make sure you don't miss this fight as it will always give 1 G-Coin after the fight.


The fact that this is an endless running game, doesn't kill my excitement playing this game at all. And if you also a Power Rangers maniac like I do, you will also love collect all the power rangers and use it inside the game. Go go Power Rangers!

NOTE: This game still only available in Asia territory, so if you're outside Asia, visit their Facebook page for more information.

Power Rangers Dash 4.5 Modern Jamming Jul 17, 2014