Pre-Civilization Marble Age - iOS Game Review & Tips

Strategy games isn't really my thing. During my entire life, I can still count the number of strategy games that I've played with fingers in my hands. The reason why I haven't played that much is because the amount of time I need to spend in one game. I'm afraid that once I start playing, there's an urge to spend some amount of time just to finish one campaign. Mainly, it's not because of the gameplay, but the amount of time I need to spend.

That's why when strategy games came into mobile devices, it totally changed my perspective of strategy games. From spending hours to sit and play, now I can just grab my device and play as I go. With this mobility, my strategy games list have now increased bit by bits. Now I can play hardcore strategy game like Sid Meier's Civilization, or perhaps playing other kind of strategy games, TD games for example. All of this while waiting for laundry, waiting for grocery line, and many more.

So now that I've finally opened myself to strategy games, I found this game created by Clarus Victoria. Clarus Victoria is a two indie-developers, a great fans of strategy games and history. With these passions, Clarus Victoria have created a historical strategy game called Pre-Civilization Bronze Age. Now they're back again with the more improvised version and more advanced history, it's called Pre-Civilization Marble Age.


Pre-Civilization Marble Age is a turn-based historical strategy game between 3000 BC to 1000 AD. You started with a small village in the ancient Greece. With this small village, you have to manage resources using workers and slaves. Resources that are available in Pre-Civilization Marble Age are Food, Gold, Production, Culture, Ships, Troops, and of course your people. With all these guys, you need to constantly find best combination for your current situation.

As your village grows, you can also explore surrounding areas, colonize empty area, build relationships with other countries, gain trust from them, trading goods. Perhaps if you get bored with peaceful thing, you can also declare war with some country that you hate. As long as you have enough troops, you can conquer the world the hard way.

As I've also stated above, Clarius Victoria is a developer that beside passionate in strategy games also in historical events. In Pre-Civilization Marble Age, you can expect actual historical events happening as you advance throughout the game. If you're into historical events, you should be familiar with events like Invasion of Dorians, Persians, even Alexander the Great's conquest. Maybe, if you're not, you would still be familiar with the famous Battle of Thermopylae led by King Leonidas of Sparta. Yep, you guess it right, it's the battle of 300 against the army of the Persians.


Things I Like

I love the depth of this game. For me, Pre-Civilization Marble Age isn't just a simple mobile strategy game. It has hours of playtime offered to the buyer of the game. From 3000 BC to 1000 AD, it has approximately 4000 turns for you to play with. Not mentioning, if you fail to reach certain objectives, your village will fail you and you need to restart the game from the beginning.

The historical events are also give the game a really different experience altogether. In one moment, you can feel peacefulness in your village. The next year, a famine will come and ruin your peaceful village. Production will go down, all your slaves and workers would be dying because of the famine. The options to choose what to do when your village being threatened by other countries also make us to count every step that we're going to take. You could just surrender, or you choose to gain strength from your allies and fight them head on.

With all these events, you can't just play it safely. Especially when a disaster comes in and when it hasn't over, Persian's armies coming to threatened your village. All of these stuffs would make your head spins around to search for the best solution.


Tips and Tricks

After playing and failing so many times, I found out that you won't just win it with no knowledge. You need to know what invasion will happen and preparation you should do to prevent it happen. So I've listed the invasions that would happen during the game and hopefully could help you survive.

Dorian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Complete the Unification of Attic (get 150 population). * Conclude Alliance with Sparta * Begin to train warriors.

Persian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Build Walls and Gymnasium. * Train at least 100 warriors * Do not attack Greek cities and retrain Generals to Envoys.

Alexander the Great

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Complete the Era of Diplomacy. (Conclude 3 Alliances) * Save up at least 30К gold for the Conquest * Send slaves only if you reached the maximum population. * Increase success chance to 100%.

Roman menace

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Refrain from the war with Rome as long as possible * Build Moat, Drill square and at least 3К warriors. * Conclude at least 4 Alliances.


Scythian Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Build Colossus to keep your gold income on high level. * Bribe Scythians to decrease their forces to 1.5M and less. * Build up your army+allied defense to 1.5М+. * Complete the mission - The Classical Era.


Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Remember, first Christians were Banned and Persecuted. * When people will be interested in Christianity, Recognize the religion. * Do not change the religion if you not 100% sure about consequences.

Huns Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Do not unite the Greece before the Hun’s attack. * Bribe Huns to decrease their army to 5М and less. * Conclude Alliances and build up army. Strengthen the city, pray, build up defense to 5M+.

Justinian Plague

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Lock the city. * Close the buildings if the plague is very strong. * Evacuate everyone you can. * Place the sick people in quarantine at least once.

Arabs Invasion

Preparation that you'll need to complete this event: * Decrease chance of raids to 0%. * Using the event, weaken the Arabs with culture and trade reforms, at the same time strengthen the defenses and prepare for the main battle!



Pre-Civilization Marble Age is an extremely complicated and deep in game design. It's not everybody games. But if you're into this kind of deep strategical game, I'd recommend you this game. Pre-Civilization Marble Age can even be counted as a cheap game when we're talking about features.