Reasons of Why You Should Play Monument Valley: Forgotten Shores on iOS/Android (Walkthrough & Tips)

Princess Ida is finally back again to outsmart all those pesky Crow People. UsTwo, the developer from the award winning games, Monument Valley, is finally back again with an expansion pack. The expansion that’s available via in-app purchase is an 8 chapters full of what we’ve loved about Monument Valley, plus some other story twist and new mechanic that totally blown me away.

Anyway, if you haven’t bought Monument Valley, and still hesitate whether to buy it or not. I don’t think you should continue reading this, just click this link to purchase the game directly. But, if you’re hesitating to buy the in-app purchase, I have some reasons why you should buy the in-app.

  • It’s totally worth it. I’ve finished the whole chapters, it’s amazing. I even think that $1.99 is too cheap for 8 chapters of this quality. Each chapter was designed carefully and every detail taken into care.
  • New Story. It has a totally fresh and new story. It shows all the characters that have been introduced in the old game. But of course it has a new story.
  • New Game Mechanic. This expansion is introducing twist as a new mechanic. Well, I can’t say more than this (you can watch the walkthrough down here if you want to, or maybe purchase the expansion).
  • Same if not better level design. Monument Valley is well known for how it make our head twisted by it’s level design. Yes, this expansion also made my head twisted because trying to get the point of view from Princess Ida.

Also, I put together all the walkthrough (in case you needed) of this expansion pack.

Monument Valley 5 Modern Jamming Nov 13, 2014