Shadowmatic: Solve Silhouette Puzzles by Rotating the Shadows

Do you know Fraser's Spiral? Fraser Spiral is an optical illusion that made us look a false spiral or by its original name, the twisted cord illusion that actually was never there. The theory said that sequence of tilted elements will cause the eye to perceive phanto twists and deviations. Café wall illusion also a great example of this theory beside the Fraser Spiral.

As much as we know, optical illusion will tease your brain a lot and before you already know, you've been immersed inside that visual puzzle. Triada Studio Games is trying to tease that brain of yours with their first project in silhouette puzzles game.

Triada Studio Games is known for their computer graphics and animation experience. Based on Armenia, the company has over 20 years of industry experience. They even collaborate with Chevrolet to create a commercial for their car brand.

Their whole experience in creative production industry has brought them the ability of creating an experimental in-house 3D engine. This same 3D engine combined with knowledge of computer graphics gave us this amazing silhouette puzzles called Shadowmatic.

In Shadowmatic you will be facing an abstract objects with a spotlight project to the objects. Your task is to rotate the objects to find recognizable silhouette that is relevant to the surrounding environments. You will find a familiar silhouette like fish, kettle, rabbit, or maybe a shark.

There will be more than 70 levels divided in 9 unique environment. In some level you can find secondary objectives from the same objects. Your brain will sure be teased a lot from the illusion created by objects.

Things I Like

At my first impression, I was thinking that Shadowmatic looks similar to silhouette puzzles called Put-Together Puzzle. In Put-Together Puzzle you are required to put an ocatogal shape with silhouette in them with another octagonal shape, but with different silhouette. These octagonal shapes have to be put in a particular way so that the pile will be showing a rabbit silhouette (depend on the octagonal shapes of course). You can check how to play Put-Together in this link.

Put aside the similarity, playing Put-Together alone requires lots of preparation. Creating the octagonal shapes with different silhouette in each shape is already a difficult task to begin with. Cutting the silhouette, designing the result of the pile, how many pile needed, etc. All those things only to tease the player brains. That's the reason why I like Shadowmatic. It has the similar brain teaser of Put-Together, yet it has plenty of levels and hopefully some free update for us.

The gorgeous design is also another additional value from this game. Being a silhouette puzzle that seems like a simple game clearly doesn't limit the design level of the team. It has 3d parallax view that add some depth and extra activities while I'm still thinking about the answer of that particular level. The design in the level menu also created so that the parallax view can be seen as well in this page. Even the environment that created as a clue is designed with care so that it would be felt like it's part of the level.

The background music for each environment are created specifically for that environment. So in industrial level and nature level, you will listen into two different background music. So you can expect a very dynamic change of background music in every level you play. This is also supported with non linear level progression so that you won't be bored with the same environment. You can also purchase the background music, or maybe preview them first before you decided to buy them. Click on this link to purchase the album.

Extra Bits

First of all, this section will spoil all the fun of playing puzzles. So if you don't want to be spoiled, please click this link to skip this part right away. However, for those of you that come because of level stuck, I can help you by showing you the picture of answer. I will let you figure out how you shape the object by yourself though.

But first of all, I will be helping everyone that stuck with the secret part. This picture will help you figuring out the shape without having to go around opening the secret page all over again.

Finally this gallery will show you the answer of the whole game.


Shadowmatic is a gorgeous silhouette puzzles that easily goes into any puzzle fan pockets right away. With more than 70 puzzles and extra secrets in some level, I personally think the price is a bit too cheap and expecting a more expensive price than this. This game is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Shadowmatic: Solve Silhouette Puzzles by Rotating the Shadows 4.5 Modern Jamming Jan 23, 2015