SimCity: Build It - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I bet most of 90s kids have at least played once, a game called SimCity. It was the most famous simulation city building game that gained a really huge success during that time. Well, it was the old day when I played this game and acting like a god. I just sent typhoon attack or UFO attack across the city, then rebuilt the city again. Perhaps there are lots of story about playing experience from SimCity.

EA sure wants to repeat that success by creating a mobile version of SimCity. A few years ago, there was a port of SimCity 3000 called SimCity Deluxe. Apparently, it wasn’t around the store anymore although it was a good port overall. Today, EA wanted to repeat that success once again by releasing another mobile version of SimCity. This time they called it SimCity: Build It.

In SimCity: Build It, you can well, obviously, build a city of your own. You’ll have Residential, Commercial, Factory, and Services, just like what any SimCity games would have. There will be also government building, waste management, police and fire department, education and transportation, and many more building available to unlock along with the progress of your game. EA added more with free to play component. So you will find such thing like timer based construction, premium currency, and of course rare items.

Residential will be your source of income in this game. The more population you have, the more income (tax) you can get from them. To increase population, you need to upgrade the residential by crafting supplies from the commercial and factory building.

There are many services building available in this game along with the progress you made in the game. After you reach level 30, you can even build landmarks using golden keys. Golden Keys can be achieved every time you fulfill the requirement from the Cargo Ship. Cargo Ship will come and request 3 types of supplies. Fulfill those request and you can get one golden key.

Pay attention to what residents want from you

Pay attention to what residents want from you

Things I Like

Like most SimCity games offer, SimCity Build It also do the same. They play beautiful instrumental songs! SimCity Build It also keeps me staying inside the game with their background songs. The background traffic sound also perfectly sync with the song creating beautiful ambience while playing the game.

3D graphics is one of the amazing features in this game that offered by EA. Skyscraper has rendered beautifully, especially in the night where all the lights come out. The surrounding condition like mountain or beach are also beautifully rendered, creating satisfying experience in playing the game.

I also love how SimCity Build It not trying to be another SimCity. I love their approach in designing a game that isn’t just another port, but designed specifically for mobile gamer. Keeping the feel of SimCity game, simplifying the gameplay, and adding features that only applicable for mobile gamer. This is a proof that EA really into this territory.

It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

It's a personal satisfaction to look at what your city can do in the night

Tips and Tricks

SimCity: Build It has many details inside the game. I’ll try to cover the detail for you through this tips and tricks.

  • Pay attention to the happiness of residents. If your residents are not happy, they will left your city and your tax income will also be reduced. Pay attention to exclamation mark beside service building. If the exclamation mark shows up, it means you have to build something for the residents. Just check out what is it that they need and make sure you have enough coins to build the service building.
  • Fulfill service offer. Sometimes there will be coins hanging around the service buildings. Tap on that and you will be offered to have your craft supplies bought. Accept their offer if you have the supplies. Otherwise, tap outside the bubble to close the offer and craft that supplies to fulfill those. It will get you some coins fast.
  • Tap bubble thought. Residents will sometimes show a bubble thought in their building. When you see this, tap on it. There’s a chance that you will get item for expanding your territory or expanding your storage capacity. This item is quite rare so tap on any bubble thought you find.
  • Increase storage. If you’re short on space for your storage, don’t be afraid to spend money and buy those rare items to expand your storage. Storage will come in handy later on in the game.
  • Sell rare items with maximum price. You will always be getting customer for your rare items. So don’t be afraid to put it on the highest price available. Don’t forget to advertise it too while it didn’t cost you anything.
  • Put commercial and factory away. These two building zones won’t need any service, so there’s no use to put these two zones near your residential building. Just put these away in the corner of your city with factory at the most corner of it. Factory will just decrease happiness of your residents, so you need to pay attention if the brown zone reaching your residents.
  • To reach 100% happiness, you might want to put City Hall near your residence state. Otherwise, you will only get to 99%.
  • The only way to get EXP is by building something. So if you run out zone to build, you might want to demolish one of your building and rebuild it again. In this way, you will still get some extra EXP.
Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents

Put factory as far as possible so it won't affect the residents


SimCity: Build It doesn’t try to be just another SimCity games. It wants to be a real mobile SimCity for any mobile simulation gamer out there. For me personally, it works and it works really well. I love how it turns out and despite its Free to Play system, the fun doesn’t diminish even one bit.