Sleep Attack TD - Fresh Spinning Tower Defense iOS/Android Games Review and Tips

Beside simulation games, I've always sold myself to any awesome TD (Tower Defense) games. For you that doesn't know what a TD games is, it means you have to defend something by building towers in front of it. It's all about trying to defend something, and this what makes one TD game is different with others.

Lately, all the TD games have been lacked in innovation. Despite the various mechanic they try to offer, it all feels like the same TD with different sprites. This is where Ayopa Games tries to offer with their latest TD games. Sleep Attack TD comes with a refreshment mechanic of what a TD should be.

1 Minutes Gameplay Trailer

Unlike any other TD games in mobile platform that has been always playing with tower and enemies, Sleep Attack is playing bold with a new ability to control the monsters route. We have the flexibility to control where the monsters should be walking or where our best damages are placed in. Depends on what level we will play with, usually there will be two circles that are rotate-able. The outer circle is where the monsters will be coming, while the inner circle is where our giant sleep and need to be defended.

In Sleep Attack TD, we will be having six regions. Each region contain 4 levels. In each level, there will be waves of monsters just like many other TD have. We also aren't able to put towers anywhere, meaning there will be some spot that you have to use to build your tower. This limitation will put your brain to work as the monsters in each wave won't be spawning wherever we put our tower at. We need to rotate the map layout in order to send the monsters into our towers. After we finish all the waves, we will be rewarded with sleeping beans to unlock towers and power ups.

We will be having some basic towers, plus two more towers that can be unlocked by beans. There will be some power ups that will change the game flow drastically and can be purchased also with beans. But, like always power ups never come free, we have to buy it with beans and that's pretty expensive.

Every waves are surprising, so make sure you keep your eyes on this

Every waves are surprising, so make sure you keep your eyes on this

Things I Like

I love the idea of layout flexibility. Usually, when I'm playing TD, I will be looking for spot where all the monsters will be running into. Then, I'll strengthen that part and see what coming next. This is completely different from Sleep Attack TD. In Sleep Attack, you can't get out of sight from the map even one minute. The spawn time is unpredictable and you'd never know where the monsters will be spawning at.

This idea also opens up many variation in the game. For example, when the monsters are moving near the inner circles, we can rotate the outer circle in order to make the towers outside can hit the monsters inside. We always need to spin our head around to get the best damage of our layout.

The game also has this unique mechanic that I believed is inspired by Plants vs Zombies. In each level, you'd be able to bring more than one towers depending on which level are you. But not all of your available towers can be brought of. Moreover, there will always be some sort of tower requirement that you need to bring in that particular level. This is some sort of hint of what kind of tower you should bring in this level.

I also love the difficulty level of the game. There are no difficulties in each level, so you need to be dealing with whatever monsters the game gives to you. However, the level design in this game is pretty good, there is always a solution to each level, no matter how hard the level is.

Try to keep your eyes on wobbly squid as it will gives you extra coins

Try to keep your eyes on wobbly squid as it will gives you extra coins


When other TD games try to do the same thing, Ayopa Games has successfully introduced a new game mechanic in this genre. As a TD lover, I'd totally recommend this games for all of you Tower Defense lover out there that love to challenge yourself to create the best tower defense. Don't be afraid to repeat the previous level if you're stuck, you'd get some point to unlock a better tower.

Sleep Attack TD 5 Modern Jamming Oct 30, 2014