Sopio: Stickman Card Game in iOS Review & Tips

There are so many offline party/board games that have been ported into mobile version. Although not much of those port games gaining the same popularity as what they have gained in offline world, there are still some amazing board game port like Agricola, Lost Cities, and still some of them that's hidden behind the App Store.

Now, Lightwood, a UK-based game developer specialising in word games, card games, and puzzle, has just released a party card game that's called Sopio. However, Sopio being released into the jungle doesn't seem to look for a popularity reason. Based on the official website of Sopio, the digital version of Sopio was released into to the jungle to celebrate their fourth birthday.


Yep, Sopio originally is a card game created in March 2011 by cousins, Alex Day and Danny Hooper. Unlike other board/party games, Sopio took a rather different promotion technique. It used the effect of Social Media, especially YouTube, brought by Alex Day. Since the launching date, Sopio has released from a single deck to 7 decks, where each deck is playable on their own.

Judging from its drawing quality, Sopio can't even be count as a card game with pretty interface. In the card, you'd just find a stickman with some absurd position trying to do something. Along with this stickman, words are accompanying this stickman, to explain what the card actually does.

This is where Sopio's strongest selling point. Sopio is popular to their community not because of the cute or fancy grapics design. It's just because Sopio is fun. Playing Sopio doesn't require too much of critical thinking or sweating yourself wet because of strategical thinking. The game is casual you can teach anybody in just approximately 5 minutes and you can go play with your pal instantly.

Sopio is designed to keep every session, short and fun. It's an ideal game if you're having some spare time and don't want to do something really serious.


How to play Sopio

The goal of playing Sopio is to score 1000 points before the deck runs out of cards. If the deck runs out of card but no one reach 1000 points, the highest point wins. In each session, everyone will draw until each player has 5 cards in their hand.

There are 3 types of cards. The first one is the positive card. Cards with this value will aid you or your opponent (if you're a genius) to reach your goal faster. The second one is the negative card. Giving this negative card to your opponent will detain them from winning. The last types is the effect card. These cards create the most fun part of the game. Since it's called effect card, you can expect nasty effect when those cards are played. Something like, discard your hand, remove all your points, draw cards, play all cards, etc (I'm being honest, all the cards I've mentioned just now are really there).

In Sopio, there are four game areas. The first one is the area where you play your cards and draw the cards from the deck. The second one is the discard pile where you put away all cards you have been finished or being finished off. The third one is the point pile. This point pile is where you put all your positive and negative points.

Sopio is a turn-based game. In each turn, you will be playing one card until you have effect card that's saying you can play more than one. This card that you play can be played against you or to your opponent. If the card has an instruction on it, do it.


Sopio is a Silly game

Since Sopio is based on card drawing, you can't really rely on your strategy alone. Sometimes you have to rely on your luck; hoping that your next card can turn the table and you can steal a win from your opponent.

In the mobile version, the fun is all the same except for the fun 'bully'ing your friends. In the mobile version, you won't be able to do a multiplayer session (at least for now). You will be playing a single player campaign against the AI.

Depite the lack of multiplayer session, you don't need to worry, because Lightwood (the publisher of the game) adding some extra challenge by giving unlockable enemies and cards. This unlockable elements can be unlocked by doing instructions during the game. The instructions also varied for each elements, i.e: to unlock a card you have to play positive card to a certain characters, or playing with a certain characters for some amount times will unlock a character, etc.


Keeping a silly game simple is what most silly game should learn from Sopio. This what makes Sopio stands out from its kin. Even if the card design is way from what I can call, beautiful; the element was there for a consistency purpose. This consistency makes Sopio the best Stickman Card Game, I've ever played in iOS.

Sopio: Stickman Card Game 4 Modern Jamming Apr 07, 2015