Space Age: Retro Futuristic Point and Click Adventure - iOS Game Review

I am an audiophile guy and I’m in love with anything that pay attention for their background music. For me, a good music plays a huge part of making any product you produce felt better.

Big Bucket Software is one of the game publisher that pay this kind of attention to their product. The maker of Incident and also Blackbar took a really serious attention to background music in their latest games, Space Age.

Space Age is a retro futuristic adventure where you play as a space intergalactic explorer ranked as a private. This private with all its crews are trying to explore the mysterious Kepler-16. The mysterious planet holds secret that slowly revealed as you play the game.

The gameplay itself is pretty straightforward. You will be facing chapters of the stories. In each chapters you will be facing some task. In every chapter, the map will have some fog that prevent your view, so you have to explore the map in order to remove the fog. Once you finish exploring and done the task, you can move to the next level.

Chapters inside the game

Chapters inside the game

Things I Like

The game might be simple in terms of the game mechanic. But that because the selling point is not the game mechanic. The selling point of the game is the story of the game. Space Age has a pretty interesting storyline. It has comedy, romance, weirdness, and twist inside the game.

Another point that I love from this game is the BGM Music. Before talking about the quality of the music making, for me, Cabel has done a really great job doing the HQ sound effect. Even more, after knowing how he really did all the sound effect, I’m amazed with his work even more. The step when walking off the grass, walking inside a home, the sound of the laser pistol. My favorite is when you’re moving away from a river, the sound of the river will be slowly disappear. This kind of detail is what makes the game more realistic than ever.

The old retro music in the background separate each level from another, leverage each chapters according to what the stories goes to. This is what makes the story feels stronger, and when the game ends, I can’t help but want more. The developer also did a great job by saving state when you quit your app. So the moment you back, you can continue the story right where you stop.

To finish the chapter, you need to do some puzzle act

To finish the chapter, you need to do some puzzle act


For me personally, this game is not that hard, the mechanic is not new, it’s just another point and click adventure game with some puzzle. The thing that makes the game stands out is the story. I suggest if you want to read a story that wrapped in an interactive way, Space Age is definitely the way that you’re looking for.

Space Age 4.5 Modern Jamming Nov 28, 2014