Spider-man Unlimited - Your Friendly Neighborhood Web-head iOS/Android Games Review & Tips

Who doesn't love this adoring, cute, funny, smart, easy minded Marvel heroes, Spider-man? In the mid of 2014, Gameloft introduced the latest installment of Spider-man called Spider-man Unlimited.

In this endless running game, we play as our friendly neighborhood Spider-man. The world becomes a chaos when there are many Green Goblins who are coming with the super villains across dimensions. This is where all the Spider-men across dimensions are working together to defeat the bad guys.

Things I Like

Well, if you think collections of Spider-man costumes throughout the entire comic book version weren't compelling enough, maybe my list can help you. My first one on the list is the hilarious conversation between Goblin and Spider-man. You have to check it by yourself to be laughing (at least smile) at the conversation.

Don't forget about Spider-man's "WOHOO" voices while running and swinging throughout buildings, accompanied with fast beat tempo background sound. And like many other endless running game, I always love how our adrenaline will be pumped up as we go jumping, sliding, avoiding all those obstacles coming towards us.

My last point in this short list is when spidey have his sky dives moment. It felt really awesome to swing across high building while avoiding bridges and laser. Super cool!

Tips and Tricks

For my playing tips, I got some cards under my sleeve to get you a higher score in your rank.

  1. Play the events. Playing the event will give you quite a generous reward. ISO-8 and if you get a good rank, you will get a free summon ticket, or even get the grand prize, a rare card.
  2. Do as many side quests as possible. Doing side quests are not hard as it have at least an end to it (at least). It also reward ISO-8 upon completion and gives your Spidey quite a boost of EXP.
  3. Watch for the golden bad guys. While playing, please watch out for a gold bad guys, you will notice them as their uniform are way different compared to the original bad guys. When you successfully KO’d these bad guys, you’ll be rewarded with 1 free ISO-8.
  4. Try to punch bad guys as much as possible. To get a higher score, punch the bad guys in a combo. This combo will only last for some time, so make sure you keep punching the bad guys while you have the combo.
  5. Get near miss. Other tricks to get keep the combo alive is to avoid obstacle when it really close to you. This will takes time to master, but once you master it, you can get at least 30 combos non-stop with this.
  6. Finish first issue as soon as possible. When you beat the first issue, you'll unlock team up features. This team up slot will allows you to bring another spidey and increases the score multiplier. It easily raise my high score point, this team up however, only available in the Unlimited and Event mode, not in issue mode.

And as for management tips, I have these tips to ensure you playing this game the right way.

  1. Every Spidey is important as other. Even the common web-head will be useful for you on some day, so save all your spidey at least one type unless you really want to do it for rank up or level up.
  2. Extra cards to level up faster. You can use some useless spidey cards to level up your favorite web-head card. It has been proven giving bigger EXP rather than running like usual.
  3. Rank-up your spidey. To get a higher level allowance, rank up your spidey. This will add another stars in your spidey and allowed to gain more level. To rank, you need to have exact copy of the spidey you want to rank up, plus two random spideys. If you don’t have, you can always use ISO-8 to rank up.
  4. Expand Roster Space. As a starter, the spidey collections only limited to six. To expand this, you only need to pay 1000 vials. This to ensure you save enough collections for later to use.
  5. Earn XP with Spider Ops. You can also get some experience without running. Use this spider ops a lot to get some experience shared among your Spider-man.
  6. Use ISO-8 properly. Don’t use your ISO-8 to continue your running unless (no don’t even think to use it). Use this ISO-8 only to bring another Spider-men, don’t use this to any other thing beside to bring another spider-men, full stop.
  7. Add more friends. Play the events and try to add as many friends as you want. With these friends you can send some tokens and asked token for yourself in return.


To play an endless runner is one thing, but like always, to play endless runner with a theme, especially heroes theme is always awesome. If you’re a fan of Spider-man, you should play this game, if you’re not a fan of, but a fan of endless run, you still have to play the game. Perhaps if you’re not a fan of both, please just try to play this game :)

Spider-man Unlimited 4 Modern Jamming Sep 17, 2014