Tap Titans: Tap as Fast as You Can - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

I think that when Bitcoin Billionaire released, clicker genre sooner or later would become a new trend. Although the genre itself can’t be considered as a new genre, the way Bitcoin utilised it with Free2Play system sure is a new thing.

Game Hive Corp. comes up with a new game called Tap Titans. Tap Titans is a game that's using the same genre and gameplay system with Bitcoin Billionaire. One thing that distinguish is the theme that Tap Titans tries to offer.

Tap Titans took a place in middle earth where magic, monsters, and heroes are living together in harmony. It’s an action adventure RPG where you play as the hero slaying some titans with your companions ready to help you out.

All you need to do is to tap everything, tap to deal damage, tap to upgrade, tap to recruit some companions, everything is just one tap away from your finger.

Things I Like

The game, I believe was inspired by a web based game called Clicker Heroes. It was incredible how Tap Titans has improved the web based game into a more suitable and interesting mobile game.

I love how each heroes got different ability, character design, and unique animation. It also created with balancing characters in mind. So you won’t left your early companion behind without any upgrade, even if its your first companion, in the later game, you will still want to upgrade him to get his passive abilities.

Passive abilities of companion were variously implemented to each characters. It has various effect to most part of the game. It can give effect to the tap damage, to overall damage, to the gold rate drop, and many more. Everything was made to create more balance game experience, which is good in my opinion.

Tips and Tricks

I’m honestly saying that the moment I get a hold of this game, I couldn’t stop until few hours later. When I’m finally able to stop and I’m back at it again, I found some tips and tricks to collect companions and upgrading heroes way faster.

  • Upgrade Hero. Early in the game, you need to strengthen your hero. This is to ensure that you will have enough coins to do my second tips.
  • Companions First, Hero Later. I've said to upgrade hero first. But that's in the early game. In late game passive income always comes first, so after you have some coins, always aim for companions first. It will give you some passive income, and you don’t need to tap anything if you have a powerful allies.
  • Upgrade first. Keep upgrading your companion, don’t bother to buy a new one until your companions damage is fast enough to finish the big titans and get more money. Then you can think to recruit a new one.
  • Leave out your game for a while. This might sound weird, but yes, to get more income, leave the game for a while. When you’re back, your companions will give you some money that you can use to purchase another companion again.
  • Check companion ability before upgrade. To do it you can tap the avatar of the character. A list will shows up and you will get to know which character you should upgrade first.
  • Money first, Hero damage second, everything else later. These two are what you should take note at. Always upgrade companion that will get you more money, take a look at the list and see if that particular companion can provide you with more gold.
  • Watch the Fairy. In some random times, a fairy will flying near. Tap that fairy and she will drop you a quite generous loot. It can be power up, it can be premium currency, and can be coins as well.
  • When to upgrade hero. You will need to upgrade hero when you think the Boss is unbeatable by your companions anymore. Even so you can still leave the game and get some income to upgrade your companions.
  • Leave or Fight BOSS. If you think you’re ready, there’s FIGHT BOSS button in the right top corner of your screen. On the other way, if you think you are too weak to fight the boss, you can press LEAVE button. It’s in the same position as the FIGHT BOSS button.
  • Claim some Reward. Everything that you’ve done with the game, there will be a reward for it. So make sure you claim the diamond from the quest that you don’t even notice.
  • Don’t use diamond to revive companion. In some case, the BOSS will kill your companion during the assault. If this happen, just leave the game and let your companion heal normally.


Tap Titans is an addictive fun adventure RPG. The experience of collecting heroes, using spells, tap tap tap the titans until you’re tired are all fun experience. While the genre seems to be boring, once you get a hold of the game, you will believe what I said now.