Terra Battle: Social JRPG from Final Fantasy’s Creator - iOS/Android Game Review & Tips

There are several genres of game that I always love to play. One of genre that I love the most is turn based strategy game. Games like FF Tactics, Great Big War Game, Skulls of the Dragon, and XCOM Enemy Unknown are some of many fantastic turn-based games in iOS ecosystem.

Together with his own game developer Mistwalker, Final Fantasy’s creator Hironobu Sakaguchi released a puzzle RPG that comes with a turn-based strategy genre, Terra Battle. There is no limit when we’re talking about this guy. From becoming director of the first Final Fantasy until the fifth, until becoming the director of its movie Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within.

You will be handed with a team of six characters (you will get this by purchasing packs in the tavern). Together with this team you will be adventuring in various chapter of the stories. Well actually the story is nowhere near awesome, but you’ll get the real gem in the game soon.

Like many freemium game would be, the game also use so-called “stamina” to join the battle. Once you run out of stamina, you have to wait for several minutes to be able to do some battle again.

All of it seems so simple until you enter the battle mode. When the tutorial shows up, make sure you really understand what it’s all talking about. Even if you miss a part of it, let me help you to understand the battle system.

You will be facing 8x6 grid where all our characters and enemies are spread around the spaces. Number in the enemy cards meaning the number of turn before it starts to attack you. To attack the enemies, you have make sure two of your characters are flanked on both sides of the enemies.

Each turn, you’ll have some time to move around just one of your characters. This what makes the game so much fun to play with. You really have to count your move before start moving your characters. Once you move your character, the timer starts, and once the timer runs out, your character will drop into the square and your turn is done.

 You will have anything in your squads. Be it human or even monsters.

You will have anything in your squads. Be it human or even monsters.

Things I Like

The feature doesn’t stop only on surrounding the enemies. The other characters are also able to support your attack as long as they are in the same line with your character that surrounding the enemy. It enables a great damage dealt toward the enemies.

Once I move my character, I can use it to touch other characters and once it touches each other, the other character will be swapped with my current position.

All of this battle mechanism create a huge variety that can be found when playing the game. The possibilities are also limitless. Each of your turn are made so that it can blow your mind to make a great move even before you’re actually making the move.

 You can bring at most 6 characters. Bring your best team to finish the stage.

You can bring at most 6 characters. Bring your best team to finish the stage.

Tips and Tricks

There are some basic tips that I think you can use while playing the game.

  1. Use your best characters in your team. While this is some obvious tips, but make sure you put the rarity of your character first, then the next one is the level of the characters. Do not be greedy with the cuteness or the coolness of the character. To win, you got to use the best in your line up.
  2. Fully optimized your Formation. Make sure your team formation consists of 6 characters. Also, if you have more than 6, to optimize your team, only use 1 mage (don’t use more than 1). Mage doesn’t deal too much damage, they only work as healer, so if you have two mages, only bring the best one. Fill the team with other classes.
  3. Think before Act. Unlike many other turn based strategies, each turn in this game can be changing the game flow. So make sure every of your turn are dealing the most damage possible. Also don’t move your character unless you have known where you want to move the character. Otherwise, think first!
  4. Kill more enemies, get more XP. Make sure that you kill more than one enemies in one turn. You can do it by sandwiching your enemies, or preparing your attack line beforehand. When you kill more than one enemies in a turn, you get 10 XP extra per enemy you kill.
  5. Kill healers first. Like many RPG should be, kill the healers first. The healers in this game are able to restore health so much it’s like we dealt no damage to the monsters. So get rid of this annoying enemy before you even deal with the bigger enemy.
  6. Pay Attention. This should be taken to your mind already, sword beats spear, spear beats bow, and bow beats sword.
  7. If possible, make sure all characters are involved. When you move the characters, notice the blue line of other characters. The blue line means that character will give you support when you do the attack.
 Starting position doesn't mean anything, it's you who decide how the game will be

Starting position doesn't mean anything, it's you who decide how the game will be


While the graphics are nowhere near impressive, the battle system is so impressive I can’t found similar battle mechanics like what Terra Battle has offered. This game might not be available worldwide yet, but if you press this button below and find the games, make sure you download it right away.

Terra Battle 4 Modern Jamming Oct 19, 2014