The Flinstones: Bring Back Bedrock - YABBA DABBA DOO iOS Game Review & Tips

There have been such a quite generous cartoon shows that being ported in our devices lately. After Spongebob Squarepants, Family Guy, and also The Simpsons that has their own simulation games, now it’s the time for the YABBA DABBA DOO Fred Flintstone.

We are playing as Fred Flinstone that wants to bring back the Bedrock. Because of the ‘weird purple’ meteorite attack, whole Bedrock is messed up and even Fred’s house is being destroyed. All his friends and even Wilma are scattered and leave Fred alone. Now he wants to bring back the Bedrock to its oldself, including his house and his life.

Like many other simulation games, we’ve been given a set of mission that act like the story of the game. The missions are also fun and involving Fred with all the well-known characters in the TV series. It’s including things like Fred arguing with Barney, or Wilma preparing meal for the family and still many more.

For the currency, the game uses Golds, Clams, and Rocks. Golds are the premium currency where you can have premium gizmosaurs, speeds up job timer and other things that can’t be bought with the clams. Clams is the ‘normal’ currency to buy things like buildings, items, gizmosaur, decorations and other ‘household’ stuffs from the series.

Rocks is other currencies that being introduced in the game. This currency is needed for recovering other buildings that has been destroyed by the meteorite.

The game is separated in two different modes that both has their own activity. If we want to see the activity between the flintstones, we go inside the House. On the other hand, Bedrock City mode will produce clams and rocks that can be claimed after certain period of time from the building there.

Every episode contains conversation between characters of the Flinstone

Every episode contains conversation between characters of the Flinstone

Things I Like

Just like many other TV series simulation game, I like how the game kept the originality feeling of the TV series. I can feel that the game wants me to feel how to live in Bedrock together with the family.

The episodes in the game are also fascinating as a story. It’s like the game is driving us slowly to get a hand about the effect of the meteorites hitting Bedrock. The episodes tell us about what will happen and what Fred should do to recovers all the damage made by the meteorite.

The game also offers many varieties of items that can be purchased from the shop. Things like gizmosaurs to help with the daily life of the Flinstones, Decorations for beautify the home, Living room items, Kitchen items, Bedroom items, Bathroom items, kid’s room, garden items, Modernity, and Hobbies. All of them makes the game richer in features and possibilities to expand Fred’s house and your in-game experiences.

I also love the intuitive design in a smaller phone like mine. It doesn’t feel too small in our hand. While indeed the game will be more beautiful played in the iPad, this version has already done enough for me to get the whole feeling of the game and the story.

We have to rebuild Fred's house that has been destroyed by Meteorites

We have to rebuild Fred's house that has been destroyed by Meteorites


After playing this game for some days, I come up with some tips to make you play the game more efficient and gather more gold and clams easily.

  1. Take note on Interactive items. In the shop, there are some items that tagged with Interactive banner. Items that tagged with this banner can interact with the characters from the game. It also means that you can get clams from this items.
  2. Make sure you left the game with all the characters busy. Before you do your work or anything else, make sure that all the characters and items are being used. Make sure there are no characters that walking around and no items have a “Zzz” on it.
  3. Do missions first before assigning work to the characters. I told you to ensure that all characters are busy. But make sure that missions come first before making the character busy. Make sure that you have assigned task to the characters based on the missions. Then afterwards you can put task on other gizmosaurs and characters that don’t involve in any of the missions.
  4. Complete all Episodes. The easiest thing to get clams is to finish all the missions. It includes the story missions and also some side missions that attached to the characters/gizmosaurs in the game. Just pay attention if the gizmo/char is thinking about anything. It means that it has some missions for you.
  5. Build workers in the city. We need to be more effective with this game. Some way to do that is to go to shop and buy some extra workers to get more clams and exp from it. Workers work exactly like the gizmosaurs in the house. The only difference from it is that these workers work in the city.
  6. Log in to Facebook. Connect your facebook with the game to get an easy 50 gold.
  7. Add more neighbors. After you connect your facebook, you’ll get some of your friends that play the game. Visit their house and collect some clams.
  8. Claim Achievements. After you play this game for a while, you’ll get some achievements. Claim those achievements in the city and you’ll get some golds. Just make sure you check the requirement and complete it.
  9. Collect stone every few hours. You get 500 stone each time, and it’s the better option than having Fred go to work there. Instead, use him for interactions and getting clams.
  10. Check gold rewards for purchasing premium items. There are some missions that only available in a short time. They usually give a decent gold reward, but you would have to purchase the premium item first. So make sure that the item that you buy and the reward is worth the price. Otherwise, just leave the offers out.
  11. Check for mystery bird. Sometimes there will be some crazy question mark bird that shows up and rewarding you with some rewards. The bird also appear in some weird places, so make sure you look for this bird every time you login to the game.
  12. Video ads and complete offers. The game also offers video to give you some extra free gold, just like usual freemium game would offer. So if you have enough patience, just watch this video and get some free gold.
Bedrock City condition after being rained with meteorites

Bedrock City condition after being rained with meteorites


Any Flinstones fans would definitely enjoy this game as it has a pretty balance and unique gameplay. It also has that rocky taste that any Flinstones fans would certainly satisfied with. If you have some free time, you might want to spend it with this game.

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