Tiny Tower Vegas - iOS/Android Games Review and Tips

Tiny Tower was one of my first game when I had my first iOS device. That time I was so happy with the unique gameplay until there were so many games that try to use the same gameplay. I tried all those games but couldn’t find a truly original one that can be called as the sequel of Tiny Tower I loved.

Even NimbleBit’s Tiny Death Star didn’t able to replace the original Tiny Tower. I played with it a few weeks and got bored easily. This boredom finally paid off when NimbleBit released their latest installment of Tiny Tower. Tiny Tower Vegas was coming this week with a bunch of improvements and fresh idea.

The game itself is similar with the original Tiny Tower. You will have to build a tower as tall as you can. You will also need to fill the tower with some floors that can generate coins. The coins can be used to purchase another floor. You will also face the same pixelate style, along with the cute bitizens that has stats to optimize your business floor.

The improvement however, lies in the detail of the gameplay. There is now a floor that called the Casino floor. This floor allows you to play casino-based mini games (until this moment I only encounter three types of mini games, Slots, 21, and Poker).

To play this mini games, NimbleBit introduced a new premium currency called Chips. This chip is used to gamble in the mini games. The mini games itself will give large amount of bux based on your luck and how many chips you want to bet in the game. Bux will like usual used for upgrading your elevator and floor, speed up restock on floor, and purchase some new look for your tower, lobby, or bitizens.

You can also unlock characters by purchasing floors. These characters will then give you a quest that after finished it, you will be rewarded with chips. The lobby is not only for cosmetic, but now people that applying for job will be put in the lobby together with the VIP. But as always, the lobby has a certain limit, so be wise to reject the applications for the make of some extra spaces.

The resident floor that usually used for the job applicant now has changed to the hotel room. The hotel room will be rented to the bitizens and after a certain time, the bitizens will pay coins for the rental.

Things I Like

Despite the minimum change in the appearance, there are lots of detail put inside the game. The animation of each floor are now merrier. The characters are designed way richer and cuter. Also the hilarious BitBook is teasing you to share the amazing quotes from the Bitizens.


I also think that Tiny Tower Vegas somehow encourages me to play longer than the previous Tiny Tower would be. With the quests coming from unlocked characters, it feels like you want to open Tiny Tower every single chance you had in your active days. That’s just awesome.


I have some tips (like always) for you to get as many floor as you can, as fast as possible that you could imagine (okay i admit it, I exaggerate a little bit).

Some tips for you:

  1. Send Bitizens in elevators for coins and chips. Please keep the games open, this might be the exact word for this tips. When you send the bitizens using the elevator and keep the app open, you will get more coins and chips. And moreoever, everytime you send a bitizens to a floor that is restocking, that floor will be reduced by a minute time for restocking.
  2. Upgrade. Whenever you have bux, please don’t use it for buying useless cosmetic like Lobby or Tower. Use it for upgrade floor and elevator. Upgrade floor will give your more stock so that you won’t have to be in front of your phone doing restock all the time. On the other hand upgrading elevator will give you a more efficient time when sending your bitizens.
  3. Bitizens. The most important aspect in this game is to decide where a bitizens should work. Bitizen with ??? on their name means that your tower still doesn’t have the Bitizen’s dream job floor. On the other hand, when your tower has the Bitizen’s dream job floor, that floor will have a double stock and also will be rewarded a star on it. Also when you put bitizen in their dream job floor, you will get one chip.
  4. Don’t be afraid to fire a stupid Bitizen. New bitizens are always ready to apply at your tower, so review it while it last and always use better bitizen in your floor. A store staffed with three “9” employees gets some discount on restocking fees. Take note that employees can’t be fired while restocking.
  5. Always make a space at the Lobby. People come and go, but VIPs are rarely coming to you. With this fact, you can’t allow your lobby become fully occupied since it will kick the VIP away.
  6. Play every day. Like every F2P game would have, Tiny Tower offers you firework shows every day when you log in into their games. This firework show will give you some free Bux. They also give you free play in the casino, once every day.
  7. Playing slots is the easiest way to win Bux. I’ve been really tried this, although I only have two casinos. While the other casino has way bigger prize, but chances are very low to win the highest prize. On the other hand, slots game while the prize is not big, but its not unusual to win some hundred bux from this game.
  8. Sync anywhere. You can sync your game across device with the cloud features. Just sign your email and enter the code given there, and voila, you can play it in your other devices too.
  9. Annoyed with Video. Even the videos offer you free chips, that doesn’t mean it isn't annoying. You can go at the settings menu and uncheck the video promotion to disable it.


Tiny Tower Vegas is simply a great sequel to the original Tiny Tower game. I’ve spent a lot of my time playing this game and I don’t regret it any single second. The most important part, you can play it without any internet connection. That’s a great feature for saving battery in these days.

Tiny Tower Las Vegas 5 Modern Jamming Sep 02, 2014