Title Challenge: Football Manager Games Offline

In professional football history, the longest manager that has ever managed a team is recorded under the name of Guy Roux. Guy Roux managed AJ Auxerre of France for 44 years, from 1961 to 2005. You might be thinking about Sir Alex Ferguson, but he was only managed the team for about 27 years, from 1986 to 2013. Step aside a bit, in Liverpool, a man called Jimmy Davies is recorded as the longest-serving football manager in the world. Jim has served his amateur football club called Waterloo Dock for 50 years! What makes it more amazing even more, is his assistant manager, Larry Dowling. Larry has been working under Jim for 48 years! Both of them finally retiring themselves from football in 2013, the same year when Sir Alex Ferguson decided to retire as well.

Unlike professional football player, a football manager can spend their time way much longer in football industry. That's why most professional player that  passionate about football decide to pursue their career as manager after their retirement. Football player may have brighter shine, but when a football manager shines, their shine will last years and years. A brilliant football manager can turns a weak team into brilliant team with amazing individuals. That's what make Football Manager game's excitement knows no end. Collecting youngsters and wonderkids and make the team dominating the league.


As we all know Football Manager used to be an exciting game called Championship Manager. But after Sports Interactive splits up with Eidos in 2003, Sports Interactive created their own football management simulation called Football Manager. Eidos, on the other hand, kept using Championship Manager as its name. Championship Manager wasn't as successful as it's used to be and Football Manager series become too much detail in every version launched each year.

This is what Kyan Games exactly saw from football management simulation game these days. It gave too much detail of what football management should have. For them, a simulation game should just give enough detail so that the game itself still simple and fun. The indie games outfit that based in Guildford, UK, then created a back-to-basic football manager game that's offline called Title Challenge.

Title Challenge is coming out as a game to beat the complicated Football Manager at its own game. Laurent Maguire, the designer of the game, decided to strip down unnecessary detail and put it back what we used to love in a football management simulation. Things like daily digest news, press conference, coach contract, friendly arrangement, are all gone. Title Challenge only has what's important from a football management simulation, squad, tactics, transfer, match engine, and the league itself.

In Title Challenge, we will choose one club. You won't be able to manage other club once you've decided your club. You can choose any team from England, Spain, French, Italy, and Germany. There's also database editor that can be edited inside the game. In this editor, you can add more countries, leagues, clubs with all the details, and also players that you want to play for that club.


Football Manager Games Offline with Flat Design

I love the user interface of Title Challenge. Along with the simplicity of the game design, the graphics design of the game was created simple and beautiful. The interface seems like exclusively created for iPhone interface. It uses swipe left and right gestures, it uses hamburger menu, something that already common usage for menu in most iPhone applications. Bottom line, it feels like Title Challenge designed specifically for one handed mobile usage; and that's perfect.

Despite being simple in game and UI design, the detail in every Title Challenge's features are never left behind. For example, the match engine. Although Title Challenge only has classic match engine, but inside the match, I still felt the tension created when my team was left behind one goal. The tension goes up when the team attack and my players were failing to utilize that chance at that time. My point is, Title Challenge still keeping eye on the quality of the match engine. So even if the match engine only prints out text, it still creates story that can increase the tension inside big match.


My other point is the tactic mode. In Title Challenge, you won't find any extra strategies like attacking mentality, who will take up the FK, corner kick, or the player roles for every players in your team. All those things are not included inside Title Challenge. Rather than all those things, it only has your 11 field players and 6 subs that can be brought up using swipe left gesture. Again, despite the simplicity, you can tap and hold a player, and voila, you can setup your team formation anyway you like. Be it three attackers, three defenders, using false nine, put five players in the back, whatever your tactics, Title Challenge will show it just like a pro formation. This is caused by the fluid position feature from the game.

With that beautiful UI design and awesome game design, I actually couldn't ask for more. But, the way Title Challenge provide loading screen moment makes me favor this feature the most. During the loading screen, there will be some football quotes that was said from famous managers, retired players, even Zlatan Ibrahimovic (well I think you can guess what his quote would be). For example quote that coming from Alan Shearer, "Football's not just about scoring goals; It's about winning". Not only stops there, Dave Will, the illustrator of Liverpool FC (yes that Liverpool) Postcard series 13/14, adds extra football player illustration to ease your waiting when the game is loading.


Extra Coins for Winning the Title

Some tips for you to get your team winning the easy way and dominating the League.

  • Close the App when Losing. When your team is left behind and the game is closing to an end, double tap your home button, close the app. When you open the game again, it will go just before your match started.
  • Use your best players. Same star rating doesn't mean that a player will have same performance with other player in the same star rating. You still need to compare those players. Use the one that have better performance because the player with better rating will obviously perform better.
  • Just use the player until they complain. There's no fatigue in Title Challenge. None until the player itself files a complaint to you. But no worries, you can just left them behind for one match and you can use your favorite player again in the pitch.
  • Buy some quality players. To get quality players, you need to scout them first. After the scout report coming, just then decide if you should buy them or not. Fear not, there's no transfer deadline in Title Challenge. So you can transfer player anytime you want.
  • Purchase some Training Facilities. Better training facilities mean that your player will have a chance to increase their rating. The better the facilities, the more likely, your player will gone up their rating.

Now, if you want to earn some extra cash, you can use these tips.

  • Upgrade Stadium. Stadium will gives you some cash when you're at home. So the bigger your stadium, the bigger cash you will receive from each home match.
  • Sell Unused Players. Although I said earlier that there's no transfer deadline date, the other teams will only make offer in some certain time. So when they come and you think this players is too old or useless, just sell it to them. Transfer List players so far didn't do well for me in terms of selling players.
  • Win the League. Every season, the chairman will give you some cash to help you win the league. This is the most biggest cash you could get beside selling players. Make sure you win the league to get your boss gives you bigger budget.

I've edited some players name inside the Database Editor. If you want to use mine, please feel free to click the button below. Should I remind you that there are still lots of team and players that I haven't edited yet. However, almost all the Premiere League star players and big teams are edited. Also I should note you that my database here is optimized for lower end devices. I've deleted some lower league so that the loading speed can be increased. However, if you happen to finish editing all the teams, please do tell me and send me the database also.

Note: To use this database, open the link with your mobile device. Then when asked, choose to open it in Title Challenge and it will automatically import.



Title Challenge become a strong contender to fight for best football management simulation in iOS. It may not have all the details that Fifa UT or Football Manager have. But in that simplicity, Title Challenge still offers tons and tons of fun playing it. On top of that, it can be played one handedly with ease. In the end, if you're a football fan and of course a football management simulation lover, you should add Title Challenge: Football Manager Games Offline in your collections.

Title Challenge 4.5 Modern Jamming Feb 16, 2015