Vainglory: How to Conquer Lane, Jungle, and Win the Game

There are a lot of Multiplayer Battle Arena out there in PC World. Names like DotA, HoN, or LoL; are famous for its user based and the unique gameplay that rush players adrenaline while planning for the best strategy to crush the enemies.

Super Evil Mega Corp puts together all this amazing gameplay and combine it with awesome graphics from Metal™ in iOS. This amazing MOBA game has shaken mobile gaming community with its 3 vs 3 real time strategy and its called Vainglory.

If you don't know about Vainglory's gameplay and want to know more about the gameplay, you can head up to this review. It covers lots of basic gameplay and Vainglory's feature. As for you who looks for beginner guide of Vainglory, please visit this tutorial.


Best Multiplayer Strategy for Mobile Platform

Although there are lots of amazing features in Vainglory, I love the game especially because its game design. Vainglory is designed specifically for touch devices and small screen. So you can still enjoy playing the game eventhough you're playing the game on iPhone. I've played this game on iPhone all this time, and so far I don't have any trouble at all.

Team Strategy

If you think your team mate is pretty awesome, you can add him/her as your friend. Once you have enough friends, you can always start a private team so that you can organize what you and your friends will use in the battlefield.

My tips for a balance team is to build a team that consist of Mage/Sniper, an Assassin, and a Protector/Warrior. With these three heroes, you can have an advantage when fighting against unbalance team. Especially, when all the heroes are fighting together. A balance team would more likely to win the war with the skills from each heroes.

Control the Lane

First thing first, if you're not a range hero, don't show yourself in front the enemies. Play safe by creeping and gaining some golds inside the jungle. Also don't forget to help your range hero (lane hero) when he/she was ambushed by the enemies.

Don't be hasty on killing enemies, but support your range hero until mid game (around 5 minutes after the game start). When your range hero has done his/her items, you will get to kill your enemies, even win the game.

One more thing, if your enemies are outnumbering your lane hero, go back and help him/her pushing up the lane. Don't be greedy and looking for extra golds in enemies jungle. This wouldn't help any of your other team members.


On the other hand, if you're a lane hero (range hero), please do not play recklessly. Be patient and make sure you (not your creep) get to kill the enemies' creep. Get the last hit for the creeps; timing is important, but don't worry, the longer you play this, the easier it will be.

Like many usual range hero, they don't have that much health compared to other hero types. So make sure that you don't get ambushed by enemies. If your lane have no enemies, that's when you have to alert your friends, signaling that you will be ambushed.

If it happens that your team has two range heroes, and your teammate wants to be the lane hero, for your own team sake, please just give in and let him/her in the lane. How about your hero? Well, you have to be extra careful and creeping inside the jungle. This to ensure that the golds will be fairly divided.

Win the Jungle, Win the Game

To help you understand this, please refer to this picture. This will help you understand the order you and your teammates need to do in order to control the jungle. Once you control the jungle, the war will be in your favor.

Each hero in the jungle should be creeping in this order. Number 1 stands for regular creep, number 2 grants health regeneration when you kill them. Then after both heroes finish these two steps, then they go into number 3 (meeting point), purchase Flare (just one of them, from the shop), and use it to find the enemies. Choose one of the enemy as your target, then send a signal to all the team members that you're initiating a war. That also works otherwise, if somebody send you a signal, it means they're going to start a war and you need to support them (whatever you're currently doing).

After 4 minutes into the game, there are two more types of creep spawning in the jungle. They are called Creep Mine and Gold Mine. In the screenshot, it marks with golden cross and red cross. However, these two work a bit different from the previous one. As the name refer to, Creep Mine and Gold Mine are more like an ownership. So let's talk about both of it.


The first one is called the Creep Mine, whenever your team own this place, your creeps will gradually become stronger (stronger creeps = easy push = bigger chance to win). There are two Creep Mines available in the map, one in your territory and the other one obviously in the enemy area. You may need to be very careful before you decide to raid the enemy area. Perhaps, in the early game you might want to focus on your area first.

The second one is called the Gold Mine. As you might guess, once you own Gold Mine, it will start the count down. When the count down is over, your team will get 300 golds. However, unlike Creep Mine, there is only one Gold Mine in the map. The monster that guards this Gold Mine is also tougher than the one in Creep Mine. Bare in mind that always put Scout Trap around the Gold Mine, so that you know if the enemy is in that area and you can ambush them.


For conquering the jungle, this last creep type are the most important for you to beat. So, 15 minutes into the game, Kraken will spawn and most of the players will mark this as the mid game. Kraken will help you beat the enemies tower if your team able to defeat this guy. My tips here is to put Scout Trap around the Kraken spawning position. When the enemy team start to beat the Kraken, wait until the enemy reduce Kraken's health to half. When that happen, ready your team to ambush the enemy, then beat the Kraken.

That's why when you're fighting against the Kraken, always look for the mid-lane. If the lane hero is gone, prepare for ambush.


For now, these are the tips that I can share. Next time, I will try to share how you can help your team be a winner. Remember, even if you're strong enough, there won't be any help for you if your teammate is not strong enough. So share this article with your friends so that they won't be a burden anymore for your team.