Top 5 "Wrecking Ball" Cover

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Every Monday, we will post our selection of top 5 covers on YouTube based on a popular song that we will choose. The song will be picked mostly based on our preference, so it might be a latest popular song, or an old song that once everybody loved. All top 5 are chosen not by the artists' popularity or how many views they've got, but based on our examination including their creativity and technique. Basically, our preference of their performance may be affected by our musical taste. Why choose 5? Because 5 can give you sufficient options as well. So, if you are searching for the best cover of a particular song, you might find our preference suits yours in one of those videos.

For our first post, we chose a song that has been a quite controversial yet it stay as a number #1 song at Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes Music. It has a very controversial music video that makes the singer became the hottest topic in pop music world. Who else if she's not Miley Cyrus with her latest popular single Wrecking Ball. Let's get started !

On our number 5 list, we choose Patty Walters’s cover as one of the best cover for Wrecking Balls. We choose this guy because this cover has a bold arrangement. It has changed the song into a rock punk song. Although the genre doesn’t match really well with the sad lyric, we should give him a credit for his bold arrangement of a ballad song. Also it has a great surprises when it comes to the chorus.

Number 4 on our list is Bri Heart, posted under her channel Briheartmusic. Although her song reach no climax (there’s no moment when we could feel a goosebumps), but her country and deep voice gives a different color into this song. With a piano as the only instrument, along with pretty well singing technique makes her cover climbs up on our number 4.

3. Eli Lieb

Eli Lieb is on our top 3. This young man has a unique rock voice that gives a special twist to this song. He also played a unique instrument called dulcimer, a string instrument that laying on his lap and strum like a guitar. Even though executed with a no twist from the original song's chord, he still kills this song. This is the best solo cover for this song.

2. Vanguish

Next is a cover from Vanguis Accoustic,a girl group that consists of four ladies, they are Lucy, Becky, Lisa and Sophia. This girl group improvised the song a lot although they didn’t change the music arrangement. But with their shivery and soft harmonized voice, and also a great vocal technique, they managed to nail this song.

1. Andrew Garcia, Josh Golden, Andy Lange, and Joel Danto

Our number 1 pick for Miley's song Wrecking Ball is Andrew Garcia that teams up with Josh Golden and Andy Lange. As a boy group cover, they played their own music and also made a great arrangement of this song. They arranged the whole entire song and makes remarkable difference by changing the original chords of the song. Yet it goes very well with the song's notes. Oh, we haven’t talked about their voice yet. Andrew, who has an incredible vocal technique, also has a wonderful companion with Josh and Andy, creates a beautiful harmonizing. Hands down, best cover for this song.

And voila! those are our hand-picked covers of Wrecking Balls. Hope you enjoyed it. Check out for our new cover review posts next Monday!