A Timeless Christmas - Israel Houghton and New Breed

December is a lovely month, in facts, December is the most waiting month throughout the year. Reason? Many, if we can say, from holiday discount, holiday travel, and so many holiday things to do. But especially, we can open up our old box, search some old Christmas carols, and play it while we sit down and talk to our family. So to ensure you have a even greater collection of Christmas songs collection, we would like to suggest you to our favorite Christmas Album from Israel Houghton and New Breed called A Timeless Christmas.

This is the first Christmas album that Israel has ever produced. A Timeless Christmas published in 2006, is a collection of classic carols, festive songs, and originals song from New Breed. Accompanied with lots of awesome gospel artists such as singer CeCe Winans, bassist Marcus Miller, and many more, this album will easily be your favorite Christmas gospel album.

Track Listing

  1. Nutcracker Overture
  2. Everybody Knows
  3. Hark - (featuring Matthew Ward)
  4. O Come - (featuring LeAnne Palmore)
  5. Tidings (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen)
  6. Christmas Worship Medley: Alpha & Omega/O Come Let Us Adore Him/Be Unto Your Name/Magnificent and Holy/The Almighty Reigns - (featuring Jamil Whiting/Stacey Joseph/Danielle Stephens/Daniel Johnson/Olanrewaju Agbabiaka)
  7. Least of These/Put a Little Love in Your Heart - (featuring Jonathan Butler/Maria Houghton)
  8. Nutcracker Interlude
  9. By Christmas Day - (featuring Marvin Winans)
  10. Nocturnal Mist - (featuring Marcus Miller)
  11. Silent Nocturne - (featuring Gerald Albright/Lalah Hathaway)
  12. Sonny Boy Christmas - (featuring Israel Houghton)
  13. Go Tell It
  14. We Wish You a Timeless Christmas - (featuring CeCe Winans)
  15. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas - (featuring Gerald Albright/Daniel Johnson/Lalah Hathaway/Marvin Winans/Matthew Ward/CeCe Winans)

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Marcus Miller, CeCe Winans, Marvin Winans, Israel Houghton, Jonathan Butler, Gerald Albright, Lalah Hathaway, Matthew Ward, LeAnne Palmore, Daniel Johnson, Danielle Stephens, Jamil Whiting, Olanrewaju Agbabiaka, Stacey Joseph, Maria Houghton

It's a Soul Christmas Album

Abraham's Opinion

It’s always been lovely to hearing a gospel album, especially about how a song will be re-interpreted in gospel way. In this album, New Breed and Israel have done it again. They successfully give a different feeling of classic Christmas song such as Hark and Silent Nocturne.

The album opened up with a nice guitar riff and gospel style rhythm with an instrumental entitled with Nutcracker Overture. After the opening, a soul gospel music continues with Everybody Knows. The song itselves have a great message that Christmas is a wonderful season to share happiness and joy to the world. Energetic song that make your head pumps.

The next song is my favourite song in this album, well truth be told, there are more than one song that has become my favorite, but this is my most loved one. A classic Christmas song, Hark, opened with a nice looping piano, this song has a great rythmic melody that change entirely classic song into a gospel. Honestly, I really shake my heads up while listening to this song, especially when the interlude turn the song into a different one. Closed with a superb outro, and you would want to listen to this song again and again.

Another “shaking your heads” song continues the journey of this album. This time it comes with a carols song, O Come that transformed into a funk song. With a rythmic funk guitar, you wouldn’t suspect (again) that this is a reinterpret song from class Christmas carols.

In the middle of the album however, a 4 medley carols songs called us to bring offerings to God. It starts Alpha and Omega to declare that He is the beginning and end, continued with O Come Let Us Adore Him and Be Unto Your Name to stamp our worship to the Savior of the world, and ended with declaration of Magnificent and Holy God. It is truly a worship song and put nicely in the middle of the album, just after we shake our body a lot.

Another four song as a bridge before the album continues with more gospel song put nicely in order. With two instrumental song, Nutcracker Interlude and Nocturnal Mist, the bridge song put mostly jazzy tune. I love the soft saxophone voice in Silent Nocturne so much, I use it every night I want to go the bed, it has a really soft voice that can bring you up to a good sleep.

The album kicked up again with gospel song from Go Tell It, and then it continues with most waitful song from the duet with CeCe Winans, creates a really powerful carols, another one of my favorite in this album. We Wish You a Timeless Christmas really speaks out with the powerful voice from Winans and Houghton. Saxophone voice closes this album with a classic Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas accompanied with Marvin Winans, CeCe Winans, Matthew Ward, Lalah Hathaway, Daniel Johnson and Gerald Albright.

Natasha's Opinion

After listening to the entire album, all I want to do is scream "give me more songs like these!". Every single track is simply unpredictable, and makes us wandering how could they made classic Christmas songs turned to be modern jazz funk songs which are mind-blowing.

This album is packed mostly with praise songs, which makes me very happy about this album. Christmas time is merrier while listening to this album. I prefer to just listen to this album carefully than to sing along with the band, because every single detail of the music is remarkable. Maybe I'm exaggerated a little bit, but you will understand it after listening to this album once.

Abraham has been explained the details, every song has been ingeniously arranged. This album is also placed every track appropriately. Opened with a majestic instrumental play of Nutcracker Overture, Houghton and the band want to light up the atmosphere of the Christmas. Followed by two up-beat songs Everybody Knows and Hark, they are my favorite. Then they start to cool down e little bit with a middle up-beat songs O Come, continued with 2 worship songs Tidings and Christmas Worship Medley. Although the worship medley is up to 10 minutes long, it isn't boring at all, this song is the only one that makes us feels like it's recorded live on a concert. After the worship songs, the 7th and 10th tracks are like lounge Christmas songs, they all make us relaxed yet still want to bang out head to follow the soul beat.

Here it comes to the 12th track, Sonny Boy Christmas which is the cutest song on this album. A little boy about 5 years old, who is Houghton's son, singing a Christmas song and also have a conversation with his father. I can't exactly understand what the little man say, but it's like a peaceful break for us as adults because the cute voice makes us smile.

The last three tracks are Go Tell It, which has an up-beat tempo, lighten up the atmosphere once again. Followed by two wishes songs about Christmas, completely summed up Houghton and friends' sincere hearts to wish all the listener a Merry Christmas.

Also there is a special bonus track in the 2009's album, that is With Us (Oh Emmanuel). Written by Aaron Lindsey, it's a brand new song. The song is awesome, and it's just as amazing as like other Houghton songs. It's highly recommended!

Abraham's Choice

  • Hark
  • Christmas Worship Medley
  • Silent Nocturne

Natasha's Choice

  • Everybody Knows
  • Hark
  • O Come
  • Go Tell It


Abraham's Conclusion

I love this album so much, I highly recommended all the songs inside this album for you to hear. The only one song that kinda felt left for me is the kid voice in the Sonny Boy Christmas but well, it still 15 great songs in an album. A truly recommended album to hear.

Natasha's Conclusion

This album is suitable for everybody who wants a new inspiration of Christmas songs. I love this album very much, and almost no critiques. This is the best soul Christmas album ever!


Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating