Aftershow by LZ7 (Album Review)

LZ7 is a British Christian rap group, known by their song This Little Light that gets over 600,000 views on YouTube. Led by Lindz West as a rapper worship leader, this group has become one of the greatest artists in Britain that made their songs into UK Singles Chart. LZ7, which formed in 2005, lately collaborated with Matt Redman and released the single 27 Million. The song was made into number 12 on the UK Singles Chart in February 2012. They already recorded two studio albums, there is Ruckus, their debut album in 2005 and Light in 2010. Now, we’re going to give a thought about their third studio album Aftershow , which was released in October 6, 2013 on iTunes.


  1. Aftershow
  2. Give Out the Love
  3. Symphony
  4. Overcome By Love (feat. Matt Redman)
  5. Whoever Said (feat. Guvna B.)
  6. Next Level (feat. Soul Glow Activator from FF5)
  7. Beautiful Exchange (feat. Denny White)
  8. Strobot
  9. Shades
  10. Mission Control
  11. Brave Face (feat. Jake Isaac)
  12. Irreversible
  13. Cause an Attack
  14. Escape
  15. Joyride

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We both love it Very Much

Abraham's Opinion

I never knew a musician called LZ7 before, until Matt Redman co-writes a song called Overcome By Love with them. After listening to the preview of the song, I went directly to the iTunes and listened to their other song on the album.

Decided to buy the album on the spot, and even more, it took only one song to ensure Natasha that this album is awesome and we both agree to share this album with all Jammers out there who loves to listen to electronic songs or those who want to add some variation to their music experience.

Aftershow contains 15 songs that has different composition in each their track (yes, all of them except two songs sound different). Usually I will get bored after listening to an electronic album after a while. But Aftershow really different, after five times listening to the album, I would still love to play the album from first track again.

Their first track that became their title album, Aftershow, really set the theme of the album. First time listening to this song, I already bump my head upside down with the beat. Then, like the energy is not enough in the first song, a trance feels poured out in the next song Give Out the Love.

A great rap sang in the next song, Symphony, and although I’m not a lyrical person, but this song has a great lyric inside that worship God (even though they’re not explicitly telling it that the You in the song is not God, which is good that you can preach it to someone in the street without afraid).

Overcome by Love is the first song I listened when I heard about this album. I really got a Linkin Park (without the scream of course) feeling that made me want to listen to the rest of the album. Whoever Said in the next song put some good lyric and put it as a repetitive chorus to encourage anybody that we don’t need to listen to other that discourage us.

The next song is the one that I think most suitable to be used as a dance song, Next Level put a dub-step music and play with your left and right speaker, so I would recommend you to use your headset on your head, both.

Beautiful Exchange and Strobot using mostly similar (well this the two that has the similar composition) robotic chorus but still their verse different each other, while Beautiful Exchange using echo trick, Strobot using telephone voice trick. Still, both of them pumping your head when you heard it.

Shades will reminds you of most pop secular song today, really, it really remind me like one of J-Lo song. This is how different each song in this album differ themselves with other.

House music comes up with their next song called Mission Control, I’m not really a house music kind of guy, but the next song Brave Face really captured me. Played heavily with piano, the song opens up with rap and piano playing, continued with Jake Isaac’s heavy voice. Another encouragement song to live our life, to put a brave face in our life.

Irreversible really sounds like a gospel song after more like a encouragement song, this song put more explicit lyric about worship God. Then they back again to their original concept to encourage their listener with modern music in their next song Cause an Attack, Escape, and Joyride, these songs more like an encouragement and dance/party song that showcase LZ7 ability to create music

I can’t recommend enough song for you guys, rather I would recommend the whole album. If you’re like me, who isn’t a too much lyrical person, you would find the mixed composition in the album is really satisfying and energising.

Natasha’s opinion :

Electronic music is the most of my favorite genre besides jazz. If you are looking for some comparison, I can tell you that if you love TobyMac, you will definitely love LZ7 as well. Aftershow has a strong difference with LZ7’s previous albums. In this album, West and friends accompanied with powerful electronic music in every song. This album contains 15 vibrant songs that would make your days and lighten up your nights.

The album-titled song was on the top tracks, Aftershow made a strong opening to this album. My impression about this song, likewise their other songs, was that the lyrics do not mention “Jesus” directly. Like this song for instance, the rappers is welcoming everyone to the “After show” and they also invite everybody to the party. At the end, they said that: ‘...We’ll be singing revelation songs (in the After show), All because He knows my name’. If we know that LZ7 is a Christian group, we will refer “He” to Jesus. Otherwise, people didn’t recognize them and only enjoy the rhythm and music.

For those who are looking for some traditional worship, Overcome by Love and Brave Face can be the answer. Both of the song has a slower tempo in than the other tracks. Overcome by Love was co-written by Matt Redman, they wants to tell us about their personal relationship with God. While Brave Face started with ballad feels then the tempo is gradually going up. The chorus was easy to remember and so encouraging. Whoever Said and Next Level had strongest Dubstep remix, a style that is not naturally associated with Christianity. Supported with their implicit religious lyrics, this tracks can be played everywhere and unwittingly reach young people outside the church to be more positive, until at the point they will yearn to give their life for Jesus.

Recommended Songs for you

Abraham's Choice

Overcome by Love, Brave Face, Next Level (well I will recommend more than 10 songs if I could, but these are my most favourite through out the whole album).

Natasha's Choice

The most of my favorite in this album is Irreversible, because this tracks has no rap part, so I can sing along since I can’t rap.


Abraham's Conclusion

This album is a great piece for those who loves energy poured out in an album. However, this album is not suitable for those of you who looking for a worship album that strong in lyric and a slower tempo in their music. Otherwise, this is a 5 star recommended album, and moreover you don’t need to be afraid to share it with any of your friend.

Natasha's Conclusion

Conclusion : I would like to suggest all of people who love electronic dance and dubstep music to buy this album. In this album, we can enjoy our favorite genre with positive encouraging lyric, rather than listen to secular dubstep which the lyrics was meant to bring young people down and live meaningless life.


Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating