Baby by Justin Bieber (Hamanasha's favorite covers)

For this week Hamanasha's favourite cover, we choose Baby from Justin Bieber. Baby was once the most popular song in music industry. That also makes this song as one of the most popular song in the internet, especially in YouTube. Yet, not all people love the song. It seems like it can be someone guilty pleasure to hear Bieber's song. But rest assured, this time we choose three most creative way in interpreting the song. Thus, you can enjoy listening to one of Bieber's song without any guilty feeling.

3. Hey Mister

First up, we have Hey Mister and their jam sessions. Their version will definitely make you fall in love. Their arrangement is actually simple, but so groovy and easy listening. They will make your head bounce with their music.

2. Eliza Doolittle

Eliza's version of Baby stands out among hundreds of acoustic covers from people on YouTube. From the beginning, we already knew that this is not a song we've already heard before. Also her unique voice gave a different mood to this song.

1. Dirty Loop

On the top is a magnificent cover by Dirty Loop. The way their rendition the song is like a whole new song. The melodies, the key, and everything were different from the original, only the lyrics that remain the same. It might be confusing for some of first time Dirty Loop's listener. But the more you listen to them, the more you will be addicted to their music.