Bethel Music - TIDES Album Review

We have never been listening to Bethel Music before. But we’re really interested with how we've heard about this worship team, especially from their accoustic song in YouTube. Bethel Music is a worship team formed under Redding CA, Bethel Church. It has grown over the last four years to become a global outreach, featuring a cadre of songwriters and worship leaders through their school of worship program.

Bethel Music has over six album and Tides, their latest album, is their first full-length studio album. Tides released on 3rd September 2013, and eventhough not releasing until Sept. 3, remarkably, the album has launched as No. 1 on iTunes’ Christian and Gospel chart thanks to pre-orders being accepted now at iTunes. Tides also grabbed No. 1 Christian and Gospel single position on iTunes with “Chasing You”, a song about chasing God with all our heart.

Track List

  1. Chasing You [Jenn Johnson]
  2. Breaking Through [Jeremy Riddle]
  3. Forever [Brian Johnson]
  4. Letting Go {Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger} | Our cover
  5. Come Awaken Love [Hunter G.K. Thompson]
  6. Strong In Us [Brian Johnson]
  7. I Can Feel You [Jenn Johnson]
  8. Give Me Jesus [Matt Stinton]
  9. Be Still [Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger]
  10. Heaven’s Song [Jeremy Riddle]
  11. Ascend [William Matthews]
  12. Tides [Bethel Music]
  13. For the Cross [Jenn Johnson, Brian Johnson]

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We love Bethel Music’s TIDES

Abraham's Opinion

This is the first time I've been listening to Bethel Music’s songs. After hearing the whole songs in this album, my first reaction was to go back to the first track and repeat the song. It doesn't feel like any other American Christian Album (as far as I’ve heard) that put a slowbeat tempo when it comes to worship songs. Bethel Music has really shorten the gap between Praise and Worship song, but not too much, so I can still feel the intimacy that the guys want to build, through the worship songs. Bethel Music also put a different worship leader on each of their song so that listener feels zest of the whole album.

One of my personal favorite song in this album is Jenn’s Chasing You. Not that just it reminds me of Dido’s voice, but I totally like the arrangement for the music. Even though it’s a studio version, I can still feel enough energy from the music to made my head bang around. Breaking Through that sang by Jeremy Riddle is also pretty good. With a synthesizer continued by guitar’s riff to open the song, this New Jersey guy has change the flow of the song, from dance song to a pop song, smoothly.

Two worship song then continues, Bethel’s pastor Brian Johnson Forever and Steffany Frizzel’s Letting Go. Forever with medium beat kind of Worship song and Letting Go with a gothic Worship song, for me, has elevated worship song in this album. I choose Letting Go as my favorite worship song in this album, gothic theme is the main reason, music arrangement comes second, and the beautiful poetic lyric for the last.

I Can Feel You by Jenn Johnson brings back the Dido feel in the song. In this medium beat worship song, I like the chord progression that bridge between the chorus and the verse, bottom line, it’s another recommended song in this album.

Ascend from William Matthews is my last favorite song in this album. A great intro open up the song followed with a pop beat tempo. I like the chord progression in this song when it goes into the chorus and the second verse.

Last song For the Cross showcase the first duet in this album by Brian and Jenn Johnson, with his Chris Martin’s song, the song closes a strong album with a grateful song for the greatness of our God.

Natasha's Opinion

Personally, I thought Bethel Music is an amazing worship team when I heard their songs for the first time. They has a specific sound that we could easily recognize their music. All the tracks have been described by Abraham completely so I would like to add some highlights to my favorite songs in this album.

Indeed, the difference between praise and worship songs become blurry in this album. But that's the added value for this album, we can worship God without borders of music or beat. The lead single Chasing You is just a perfect opening for this album. It has an up-beat music which makes all the listeners delighted right after the album is played. No wonder if this song is has the most views on YouTube and even being covered already by some YouTube artists.

Another most lovable song on this album is Letting Go, sung by Steffany Frizzell Gretszinger. Her tender voice is almost beyond compare to sing this wonderful worship song. There's nothing we can do except to hit the replay button after this song is finished. When the first time I heard the lyrics, I rather questioning what does Letting Go meant for. But when I pay more attention, this song is about letting go our old self and let Jesus take over control to our life.

Followed by Come Awaken Love sung by Hunter G K Thompson which is clearly a praise song because it has an upbeat tempo. Thing that I like the most in this song is the chorus part when it says "Lord God come awaken love/Come stir my soul to long for all You are", it's just like total surrender to God. Also Thompson's voice remind me a bit of Adam Young, my favorite Christian musician.

The 12th tracks of this album that titled according to the album is not actually a song. It's an instrumental piece combined with ambiance somewhere in the crowd. Somehow, it brings quite peaceful moment to pray and worship God with our own voice in the middle of listening to this album. For The Cross is a great closing song by thanking God for the cross the He gave us. Hope that this thankful heart for His cross keep encouraging them to make more albums in the future!


Abraham's Conclusion

It’s quite rare for a worship team to have all songs in their album to be this good. Bethel Music is one of a kind and I think they will keep moving forward and delivering best quality praise and worship song. I recommend all song in this album. Great job!

Natasha's Conclusion

This is very recommended Christian album that you must have. Bethel Music is not only be a blessing through their lyrics but also through their music. So, this album will be a sufficient choice to people who seek for both lyrical depth and richly textured sound of music.


Natasha's Rating

Abraham's Rating