Beyonce - Listen (Favorite Cover by Hamanasha)

Beyonce is known for having one of special talent in the music world. She can be counted as one of the best singer in the world. So in this post, we want to feature several artists that we think have the best voices in covering Beyonce's song.

3. Melanie Amaro

So the first one is coming from the first season winner of The X Factor USA in 2011. Melanie sung this version in her audition of X Factor. Although her voice is not as strong as Beyonce and other soul singers, she still made her own version sounds great. She even able to executed the song flawlessly.

2. Sam Bailey

Now after we're going to USA, our next artists coming from the winner of the tenth series of The X Factor UK 2013. Sam Bailey also sung Listen as her audition song. She sung her version with her incredible, powerful and strong voice that was jaw dropping all the judges at that time.

1. Charice

Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco that also known as Charice is also having a special talent in music. From the very early age, she can perform Whitney Houston song's as good as Whitney herself. Unfortunately, she stumbled upon some controversy about her orientation. But despite of all the controversies, she still has a super voice. She's even taking a closer gap to the original singer. With perfection in every notes and the ability to hit the high notes with strong and clear voices, this version could be the best live cover of Listen that we've ever listened.