Chris Tomlin - Love Ran Red (Album Review)

Christian songs are generally divided into two huge categories. There's a category where that particular song can be brought in a church thus being sung together in a service. This category usually contains of adoration words in the lyrics. The other one is where the song will just be there in your music player device. It can't be sung in a church because the story behind is not generic enough for everybody.

Chris Tomlin is one songwriter that specialized in creating songs that generic enough to be sung by everybody. His quality is once again proven with his 10th album, Love Ran Red. Released on October 27th, 2014, this album features work from other famous songwriters such as Matt Redman and Jason Ingram.

Initial Thought

Chris Tomlin seems love to use a medium tempo for his songs. It seems like if he decides to do a ballad song, he will mute all other instruments and use only one or two instruments to accompany him singing. The music is not too catchy, but when I listened to the whole album carefully, the lyric is the main reason of why this album stood out.

Behind the Lyrics

Chris Tomlin is famous for How Great is Our God. It's no surprise to hear this song in Sunday services (even my church sometimes still sings this song). I personally think that why we sing that song until now is because of the lyric behind. The song delivers a powerful message that states clearly the greatness of our God.

Love Ran Red also took the same approach. The songs in the album shout about the great, the powerful, the kind, and the caring God. Those didn't tell a story about Chris, they only tell story about Christ. The whole theme in the album is about the cross and God's love for us.

Some examples that I could offer to you. Waterfall is a song that describes the love of God is running wild and free, just like a waterfall. Boundary Lines is about the love of God is too big it overflows our small heart. Another example is in I Will Boast. It's a song about how God's sacrifice upon the cross is truly our pride and we're not ashamed to boast about it.

I also love these two songs. The Roar that's talking about how God will eventually come sooner or later when you have a problem. The other one is The Table. I love the lyric of this song, it stated "there's a peace at the table of the Lord; i won't worry anymore at His table; there's a healing at the table of the Lord". It's talking about when we're a table with the Lord, we won't have to be afraid anymore.

Notion About Music

To be honest, if you're looking for music prodigy from this album, you won't find it. Love Ran Red doesn't stand out in terms of music. It also doesn't do much innovation rather than just to balance the lyric and the song generally.

I'm not saying the music is horrible though. It's just nothing spectacular. But overall, the music gives pretty nice note. It also helps because Chris's preference of medium tempo music. This preference helps giving some variation to listening experience.

Worship Moment

If you can tolerate worship songs that sung not in ballad, I'll suggest most of the songs in this album. However, for some people that's not that tolerable. At The Cross can be used as a worship song. It's talking about one place where everything God promised us sourced from. It's talking about the cross where God's love ran red because of His blood.

Another song is Almighty. This song is a powerful worship statement about our God. Check out the lyric, "You'll have no rival; You standalone; the Heaven worship before Your Throne; there's no one like You". The last worship song I can suggest for you from this album is Jesus Loves Me. It's a beautiful reminder that we couldn't run from God's presence from His arms, that we will always be protected by God.

Favorite Tracks

Jesus Loves Me, The Roar, and The Table.


Chris Tomlin once again proves his quality as a songwriter. After these whole years producing amazing songs, his skill is nowhere near dull. This album meant for everyone out there who want to worship God even more. Love Ran Red produced great lyrical songs combined with neat music.

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