Clarity by Zedd (Hamanasha Favorite Cover)

We have so much fun in our past holiday and we hope you also have a great one with your beloved. One day during our holiday, we did a karaoke session with our friends and one of the song successfully put us in a “jump around” mood. It’s a song from a German music producer known by a stage name Zedd. So we decided to look for some covers of his song called Clarity, and here are our most favorite covers for Clarity.

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3. Evan Duffy

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A great remake of Clarity by a piano guy called Evan Duffy. The cover itself put really complicated audio layer, from the Grand Piano String acts as the bass and guitar sound to the body to act as the bass drum.

2. Our Last Night

I'm totally in love with this cover of Clarity. OLNband did a great job remake the electronic version into a rock version. The guitar riff and explosive overdrive really put this song into a different level.

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1. Mike Tompkins

Aaand... the number one pick coming from a brilliant acapella cover from Mike Tompkins. He creates all the sound including the synthesizer, distort syntehsizer and many more. If you don’t watch the video, you wouldn’t know that all the sounds are coming from his own lips.

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